drakos journal: jan 2000.

school days were always hard for me. i had a few friends,not much. all the girls in my school didnt like me.it made no since. and my teachers hated me. well one day alex was gone for about 2 weeks me and jona were geting worryed, but then again he was always missing. he showed up for about 2 days left again. jona my good friend he always thought he was kool. but when girls were not around he would act dumb. dakota my best friend, me and him were always together, we played pranks, and had fun. he was nice to he wasnt the most popular boy in school but he was rich. now the jocks i hated i wasnt jelous. they are just annoying. one jock his name was david chatmen i ******** hated him. he was popular but he was stupid. he smacked girls asses they didnt care. i went up to a girl and asked ''wtf why do you like him he is just stupid", i said. she responded "you must not be popular then". oh my god i ******** laughed at that. i walked away still laughing, i wasnt popular but i was nice, some off the boys hated me as well but i dont care. my dad said they are jelous of me. that made no since to me. i always wanted to fit in but i didnt. well i guess it for schoool