After the death of the Lord Ganon the Triforce of Power vanished of his hand and was not seen again. Then when the Death of Link and Zelda came the marking of the guardians of the triforce was never seen again. For years rouges, thieves, many other people tried to hunt and find the new guardians to gain access to many scared areas of Hyrule. In the main providence guilds had form to rob and the scared treasures of these holy gounds. In the result of this guild had form to stop theses people on at all cost. Protectors and Guardians fought against the darkness. in the hopes that in one day the three with markings of the triforce would raise again.

For hundreds of years Protectors of light fought against the Darkness, until one day in the one of the Gerudo Villiage. A gerudo was born that was born as the reincarnation of Lord Ganon but there was something different. This child was chosen by darkness to be the Lord of Darkness. Which in entitles full powers of the shadows and the Lord of the Dark World. A unique ability to the these powers is that u gain access to the scared areas that only accessible to Guardian of the Triforce. With this ability alone made this child was consider a target for most guilds against the triforce. As he got older he became he changed his name to Diz. With his ability he was able force, fight and gain trust of many different guilds and people to become a Emperor of the Rebellion of Guilds. As time went on he birth heirs with the same abilities. The heir grew to learn their abilities and soon killed many of their guild members to replaced them with creatures of darkness. Soon Hyrule was nothing but a cloud of darkness and the Protectors of Light had no way of stopping these threats. They held them off somewhat but the side of evil was still more powerful and had no hope in sight.

With a cloud of Darkness over Hyrule a ray light beamed through the thick clouds and three child were born with the markings of the Triforce. Three different child but destined for great things. The Guardian of Triforce of Power a boy name Aron. A skilled swordsmen and was half Hylian and Half Shiekah., The Guardian of Triforce of Wisdom a girl name Stella. A powerful Magi and is Half Hyalian and Half Fairy. The Three and final guardian The Triforce of Courage a boy name Zack. A swift and nimble archer and he is Half Hylian and Half Human They were all born at different time but they are all just all skilled and talented in their own way. Cause of these very rare conditions. A pure blood Shiekah name Shiek who was ancestor of Impa, Zelda old guardian and helped Link through his journey to defeat Ganon. He used a protection spell that made thier marking look as if they were never their. The reason for this is that Diz and his armor had people overlooking all viliage,towns and island to seek out the next guardian of the triforce to kill them. Shiek promise to watch over the guardians. 20 years after the last guardian was born their powers became to develop. One day while Aron, Stella, and Zack were all in Hyrule Town their marks made a weird glowing and a surge of power was sent out to the area. This power was detected by different people and one was the Empire of Darkness. Diz and his Kids all felt the energy and they headed out to find the guardians.

Shiek with a moment to thing had to teleport the guradians to a safe area with Diz and his army couldn't detect them. Aron, Stella, and Zack were all confused by the events that had just took place. Sheik explain to them how they were guardian of a realm of time and they have abilities that makes them targets. At first they were blown away this news. They all had mixed emotions about the news. Aron was shocked but wanted to end the darkness. He had seen too many innocent people get killed by Diz and his army. Stella was unsure about the whole thing but she wanted to help save the world. While Zack was unsure but wanted to kick some a**. So Shiek trianed them in the safe haven while he watched the over hyrule. During their training they had to learn to become a team and work together and learn each other's strengths and weakness. During their time training Diz, and his armor learned of the guradians and thier backgrounds.

Learning of this news Diz and his armor tried to draw them out. As a scare tactic they revolted against their homelands. They sent armor to go on a kill on sight revolt, anyone and everyone was killed in this revolt. The guardians watched as their homes was destroyed. Sadness and pain fulled their hearts, Shiek in this moment felt helpless and sadden by this. In that moment their markings glowed and the small orbs of lights turned into gems that turned into bracelets for Aron and Zack and a Necklace for Stella. Aron's gem was red, Stella's was blue and Zack's was green. Their gems were craved with symbols of the goddesses of the triforce. Aron represented Din, the Goddess of Power, Stella represented Nayru the Goddess of Wisdom, and Zack represented Farore the Goddess of Courage. This granted them weapons of powerful weapons. Aron was granted the new master sword and mirror shield. Stella was granted the Rod of Magick and magical ability to created barriers. Zack was granted The Sky Bow and The Winged Boomerang. Once they unlock their weapons were sent back to Hyrule to restore the light to Hyrule.

Once they were sent back to the exact spot they were in Hyrule Town when the surge of was sent out. They were unsure of where to go. Stella suggested they go to the temple of time. While on their way to the temple f time they had to hide and breakin to the temple. Once they got inside they got inside they head to the gate room and then a beam of light dragged them to another realm. They awaken to strange place and they were confused by what was going on. Then from the seven different platforms with the symbols of the sages lit up and seven people appeared. They were The Seven Sages of the Sacred Realm aka the Realm of Light. Rauru the Sage of Light, Saria the sage of Forest, Durunia, the Sage of Fire, Princess Ruto the Sage of Water, Impa the sage of Darkness, Nabooru the Sage of Spirit and the Leader of the Sages former Princess of Hyrule Princess Zelda. They were all starstruck and amazed by meeting Princess Zelda a former Guardian of the Triforce. Zack asked how was them meeting them was possible. They learned that the sages were former people of Hyrule chosen by the triforce to protect the realm of light

Stella asked did they dieor were they dead. Zelda explained to them that she brought them to the realm to light to explain to them what they need to do to restore the land back to way it once was. Zelda explained to the that Diz and his Army was to strong fight in their current state. The only way for them to beat Diz is to go back time when Diz was weaker and destroy him and stop him form creating his heirs. The only way to do travel trough time is to find the Harp of Time. Once used by the Great hero himself Link. They sages gave them special gifts to aid them on their journey. Aron was given the Power Gauntlets granting him the ability to lift things 100 times his weight. For Stella The Lens of Truth to see hidden things. Last for Zack he was given Elemental Arrows. They explained to the by the level of darkness they couldn't teleport them to the exact spot of the of the Harp of Time but they can teleport them to the near the area. Their markings would guide them to the exact spot and then the rest will be walk through the park. Their mission was to restore the pillars of lights each pillar will restore a symbol on the gate of time in the temple time. Once all the symbols were resotred the realm of light will open a gate to banish the dark loud over hyrule. Each Pillar can be activated by the gems they were granted. The pillars are connected by a craving a the heart in each temple. Each temple had certain trials they would have to face reach the cravings.

There are seven temples that represented the seven sages. They all wishes them luck and sent them off on their journey. Zelda prayed that the goddesses and Link would watch over them. They were sent to the Lanayru Desert off in the Lanayru Providence. They were unsure of where to go and and then a strange trail formed in the sand and they figured that was the sign they would be given. They followed the trail for hours. Meanwhile Diz detected the guardians and sent his strongest Warrior to defeat them. The day began turn to evening and they were contacted by Sheik and he told them he was so proud of them but their first real battle was about to begin. Diz knew of their new found abilities and they were going to have to work together. Once Shiek disconnected from them. The armor rapidly approch them their marking began to glow. The army didn't take no time to attack, Aron was slayed the lower level ghouls with ease. Zack jumped and shot numerous enemies. with his light arrows. Stella was one hitting the ghouls with her element of light. They were doing well until stronger enemies arrived and they were getting tired and drained. Once they beat all the enemies they thought the battle was over until. A Strange man on a Black horse rode up the battlefield. They all sensed his power and they dreaded the fightning him. He stop in front of them and he introduce himself as Demise the Youngest Son of Diz .They all gasped and they feared as they were unsure of what they could do. Once the introductions were over they got down to the fighting. Demise was on being affected by their powers. Aron was holding off as good as he could but it was no good. Even though he was losing he couldnt just give up and let more pain and destruction fall Hyrule. Then his marking glowed a reddish color and then he heard a voice say Power. He gained armor that had the symbol of Din and the Triforce on the back. He gained a red aura and his eyes turn white and then he began kicking Deimise's a**. He then got Demise on the ground and pierced him in the chested and he burst into a black balls and his spirit was sent to spirit realm. Once Demise was gone Aron turned back to normal and he was seriously tired and his marking on his hand was noticeable. Which marked the their completion of becoming a full guardian. During they found a random area to set a fire and pitch a tent will Stella conjured a tent. Aron fell alseep and they rested to begin thier journey the next day. While they were sleep Shiek and the Sages contacted them and explained to them that Aron had become a full guardian and Stella and Zack had to be able to restore the pillar of light.

The next day they followed the trail once again. Diz was unhappy to hear of his son's death. He then realized their plan, he told his two other sons to go with a huge a** army and kill them at all cost. They sensed Diz's army and they prepared for battle. Diz's sons appeared from the dust of of the sand. They introduce themselves Doom, Diz's second oldest son and Destruction Diz's oldest son. Then an army appeared and they once again went into battle. Aron was holding his own and Zack was stable but Stella was tired she was using alot a magic and drained her. She then got dizzy and she thought to herself. That she couldn't give up and she had to pull through. Then she hear a strange voice say Wisdom then armor appeared on her similar to Aron's with Nayru's symbol on the front and the triforce on the back. She had glowing eyes just like Aron did but she has a blueish aura and she blasted all the enemies in one magic surge. Then Doom appeared and Stella sent a huge beam light towards Doom and it pierced him straight though his body and his spirit was sent to spirit realm.

Once Doom was gone Stella changed back and she was tired but was ok. They still needed to find Destruction and kill him. They followed the trail hoping that Destruction would follow. They got to the end of the path and got to the end of the path to the Cave of Lanayru in the Lanayru's Gorge At the Gate Destruction was there and he was silent. They stood waiting to for his next move. Then Destruction a black aura evoked Destruction powers. Zack stepped up and said he would fight Destruction. Then in that moment Zack became finally became a full guardian. As he hear the same strange voice say Courage. He Gathered all his strength and he pierced Destruction. Zack turned back to normal and they entered the cave. Once they got to the end of the cave they found the harp of time. Then their gems played a the tune of echoes and they traveled to the past.

( To Be Cont'd )