" As Jessie opens the door to a black house she heard voices. The voices say "don't go inside" But she never listened. The door squeaked as she slowly opened the door. An angry voice said "they warned you." She got cold chills from the voice, looked back into the street to her friends that had dared her to go in. With her friends she saw a tall man wearing all black. She could not see his face because of the black cloak with a hood he had on. She stared at them, they were saying "go in, your not scared are yea?" but she could not hear their voice. She stepped in slowly turning her head forward. She turned around to close the door. She saw the man in black walking toward her. His eyes glowed red and his voice zipped chills on her back. She quickly slammed the door holding her breath and closing her eyes. she put her back on the door with a sigh of relief. Jessie opened her eyes, there he was right in front of her. The man in black. Now she could see his face, It was a skeleton with red mean glowing eyes. He took of his black gloves that hid his claws, as he raised his hand, she screamed when he swooped his hand down at her. Jessie was not dead but she knew that he was death and this was his home. Anyone that entered it, died bye his claws." Angela closed the book. "The end" she said to her friends that spent the night at her house. It was Angela's sixteenth birthday. Her mother got her a book called "Death claw."
Her friends where shaking in fright. It was the most scariest book they had ever herd. They never knew there was a scary book out there like this. It's as if it had a meaning to it. Most scariest part of all, The story said it was in their town. "Lets sleep with the light on tonight" said Emma. "no way!" said Angela "were going to sleep with the light off, i cant sleep if its on." "Then lets dim the light at least, the story was to scary I'm going to have nightmares." "Hey Angela, that story's not real. is it?" asked Sara. "Of course not. Why would there be a scary story like that." "See Emma, you'll be fine its not real. Ill be here if you need me. okay?" said Sara. "okay". The lights went off and they went to bed.
That night, they had nightmares. There Jessie was standing in the road, her back faced Angela, Emma, and Sara. She turned to face them. Her eyes were missing, blood making her blond hair red and her dress was already red but it was dripping with blood. Jessie had no shoes on. Her legs and arms were clawed to death. Her mouth was torn off all the way down to her neck. They saw her bones and smelled rotten flesh. Jessie walked to Angela. Her body was still warm to the touch. In a whisper Jessie said "you're next". They all screamed as she disappeared. There eye's closed not seeing that they were back in the real life. Emma, Sara, and Angela opened their eyes. There they were hugging each other. "okay, it was just a nightmare we all had." said Sara. "i told you not to turn the light's off!" said Emma backing up in a corner crying. "guy's...." said Angela "i have Jessie's blood all over me!" Sara flicked on the lights. Angela was covered in blood. From head to toe, Fresh warm wet blood dripped from her as if she dived into a pool of blood. This was just the beginning.

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