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Magic Quest

Brooke found a seat and she sat down. She looked out the window to see her mom and dad waveing goodbye. Brooke smiled and waved goodbye once more as they drove off. Brooke sighed and grabed her stuff and put it up on top of a ledge on the bus wall next to her. Right after that the bus driver looked back at the kids and said, "Alright kids, we have three more stops before we head to the station to go to our..." He sorta chuckled as he turned back slowly and looked at the road again. "...destination...heh.." Then he burst out in a freaky laugh then kept driveing.
The kids looked at each other.
"Is he crazy??"
"No, I think he's nuts!!"
"Mabye he's on drugs."

The kids said to themselves and to there friends. Brooke agreed. He did act crazy.
When they got to there next stop a green eyed stepped on. She looked around looking for a place to sit. "Brooke?!" The girl said. "Olivia!!" Brooke said. Brooke got up and hugged Olivia but not for long.. "HEY! Sit your butt down while the bus is moveing!" The crazt driver yelled. "Um... sir. The bus, isent.. moveing.." Olivia said, giveing him a stange look. "Or, are WE??!" He yelled as he drove off. Olivia and Brooke sat down and looked at each other. "Coocoo, coocoo!!"

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