My dream last night O:

I found out my husband was cheating. I left for Illinois, which is where my family is.
As I arrive, I notice things are more quiet, buildings destroyed, and overall very desolate.
My ex boyfriend finds me, as well as my sister and her friend.
We talk about stuff and end up holding hands. Kind of rekindled everything. (Even though now a days he's married and in the Marines.)
We go and meet my mother and some friends and the local eatery. It went from family like place to serving certain foods and alcoholic.
After ordering, I went to the bathroom. I had such a strange feeling. As I came out, my mother and everyone is saying "we have to go now" or "it's coming".
I had no idea what was going on. I sat down to see my order was wrong, only for my ex to pull me out of the place.
As we get out, people are screaming from inside houses. He runs me to this one abandoned house. There was a 6 year old boy and girl in it.
He told us to stay quiet and lock the doors. He left. I instantly got up and went to lock the back door. That same strange feeling came back, but stronger.
I ran and hid in back of this desk, along with the boy and girl. I kept their mouths covered. The door next to us was a see through plastic type door. I held still, and looked to only see a bit of what seemed like shoes. The person was floating. A faint horrific moaning noise came from it as it floated off. The little girl ran off into another room, crying.
Within a moment, the thing that had stalked us before was back, and was almost pushed against the screen. I couldn't see eyes, but I knew he was looking in. Orange tathered clothes it wore. Brown clothes, blueish hair, and a hat.
He smiled largely. And waited for another moment before leaving again.
I took a deep breath, wondering where the girl went too. I let go of the boy and situated myself.
The little boy walked toward the door. He unlocked it, and opened it slightly. My heart raced in fear, yet nothing happened. He stepped back and let the door close. It swayed slightly open, and within that one second, the boy's head was grabbed by the stranger. I bright plasma type thing appeared around his wrist. I started to run. The stranger, whose voice sounded dirty and rough, slowly said "data......drain".
A sudden light lit up the room, and the boy screamed. I hid in the bathroom, door locked. I held myself in a ball, with my knees up to my chest. I kept quiet.
Over a few minutes I heard the girl scream. Following that was silence. In my head, I counted. It went from 2, to 5, to 15, to 30. I carefully opened the bathroom door and walked out. Nothing. They remains of the boy were gone. No blood, no nothing.
My eyes caught a hallway I don't remember seeing. Silence laid in the streets. I carefully stepped forward. The first 2 doors were closed. The 3rd was opened, room a mess. I figured that was where the girl was. The 4th door across from hers was shut us well. I looked ahead, and stood still.
The last door.
I forced my body too it. As soon as I reached the door, though, the feeling came back. I heard slight moaning from a far to what it seemed. I tried to turn the door handle. I got that far before I felt a hand on the back of my head, slightly clenched. I looked down and in back to see floating feet. Fear ran through my mind.
"Data..."I began to hear from the dirty childlike voice. "Drain..."
An instant surge went through my body. The pain unbearable. I was screaming. At the same time I felt something in me trying to push it away. I could see my hands and arms glowing with tribal like marks. I remember seeing a large light, and being pushed through the door.