When a creative soul is so filled with passion, to the point that she is overflowing with it; it is within her nature for her words to just drip off of her fingers. Whether the passion is love, hate, jealousy, rage, anger, humor, or simply the passion of the word; it trickles from the mind onto the screeen. There for all others to see. A creation. A passion-baby. Any word you see from my posts are words from the center of my soul. I lie as minimally as I can. But as everyone knows, it is quite fun. Share your dreams with me Gaia. Share your secrets with me. Tell me those hidden fantasies that are locked up within you. Is there a charming man that you want to escape the cellar of your life with and dash off into the sunset. Leaving your stresses and cares away, or is there an arrogant b***h who you've hated since the third grade who goes out of her way to make your life a living hell. I do not want to live the mundane of a solitary life, where I have but only my own dreams and desires. Fill me with your passion, with your darkness, with your truths, your secrets, and your lies. Let me laugh at your jokes, cry for your heartbreak, and dream your dreams. I write through passion. Writing sustains me, I'd pay more for sustaining prose than for a sandwich. You'll forget a sandwich in a few hours, but you will never forget the fiery passion of another human being when it is told purely refined from her very soul. For all you barely literates I say adieu. To those who like what they feel through the words that they've read, you know where the subscribe/favorite/fan. Write me. A comment, a PM. Give me your passion!