DAY #1
today i was sopused to go to the movies with my friends. my friend macy said she couldn't go becuz she was "sick". my friend zoey called and said she was having a baby. i thought, what the- isn't she like, 13 years old?? anyway my last friend kc said she couldn't go becuz she was on a date with her "boyfriend" i said back to her, you have no boyfriend! she repiled back, "well duh! im at the place where you hook up with people and you get to know them" then i heard this kiss in the backround.. then before i knew it i heard them walk into the quiet room and heard kissing. i was shocked.i didnt much care tho since all my friends ditched me. so i walked back to my house and there i saw all my friends, there, macy,zoey,kc and some others throwing me a surpise party. thats when i saw a banner that said "happy birthday!" i said, my birthday was 2 months ago. they forgot my b-day?? i was sad. they forgot my own b-day, ditched the movie. -i hate my life-