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I grabbed my swords, arrows, and even one of Kitty's riffles she had hanging up on her bedroom wall. Everything was black in here. BLack bed, black walls, floor, door, everything. I rushed out, anxious to see some bloodshed.
" Frank! Calm down!" Shizuma screamed at me, and only me. My temper was rising.
" Why do you always yell at me?! Why not them?!"
" Frank." Her voice was calming down. " I know how you feel. We all lost something precious." She placed her hand on my shoulder, but i shook it off. I fell to my knees, bursting out in tears. The room was dim. Along with everyone's feelings.
" I want her back!" I screamed as i banged my fists against the floor. I felt like a two year old going into a tampertantrum. A very bright light flew into the room from the window.
" Never thought I'd see this." I heard. I looked up, anxious to find out if it was true. And it was. I saw the dust particles forming into the shape of Kitty.
" Kitty.... I'm.." I began to say.
" No I'm sorry. I realized now what you ment by " never paying attention to you guys. But..when i saw Shizuma for the first time...I..you know." I nodded in agreement.
" So what do we do?" Brittany asked. Kitty turned towards her as she spoke.
" Fight. I've seen Death, I know who to call on to help. FRank. Do you remeber the stories of the Gods? You know the ones that Grandfather used to tell us?" THe thought of her not saying " You guys," but " Frank." Made me happy.
" Yeah. About Shizu and Suki and the rest. Why?" An evil smirk whipped acrossed her face.
" Yeah. We have their help. I did a litte searching when i was in the darkness and instead of whishing i was here. I whished i was with the Gods and Goddesses. They've agrred to help. Along with one other person." A knock was heard on the door as an old man stepped in. His long brown hair looked exactly like mine and he had Kitty's blood red eyes.
" Grandfather?!" I ran and hugged him.
" Ha ha! It's nice to see you Frank! And Kitty..thank you for awakening me. Now...as I promised." He held out his hand and a stream of light flew from his hand, wrapping around Kitty.
" What are you doing?!" Shizuma yelled, running towards the old man. I ran infront of her.
" Wait! watch!" She turned her attention towards Kitty, who was floating in the air with her arms streatched out and her eyes closed. More people walked through the door. One who looked like me, Brittany, Shizuma, Kitty, and Nagisa. I'm guessing the Gods and Goddesses.
" These are the Gods and Goddesses. Kizuru ( power: Water), Crystalie ( power: Earth) Shizu ( power: Sun), Suki ( power: Moon) and Lola ( power: Ice). Now God and Goddesses..Help me bring this lost sould back to life!" Grandfather screamed. Just like what Grandfather did with his hand, the God and Goddess did the same, but with their own powers. All of them were now revolving around Kitty. I was so frightned of what was going to happen next. Would this work or not? The elements stopped and Kitty fell onto her feet. I walked up to her.
" Kitty? Are you alright?" She was breathing heavily. She looked up and smiled.
" Not bad for proving huh?" I hugged her.
" You scared me." I couldn't hold back my tears. Hinata looked at us like we were involved.
" Hinata." Kitty said " I'm his younger sister. Not his girlfriend." We all laughed.
" So." Shizuma said as she sat up. " Mitsuki. You know everything. Tell us." Kitty nodded as she explained the plan. We would get the element rings from thier hiding place, get our weapons, and invaid the castle at night. I'm so happy that Kitty's back. I felt so alone. That and because she had night vision. Her eyes are weird like that.Along with Suki, Kitty had that spcial and rare flare that would spark off eveytime somethign great was going to happen. So that was the plan. We were invading at night when Heartless was asleep.
" Kitty..." I said to her. " You sem tense. What's wrong?" We sat down at the table and she replied,
" FRank...I"m going agains tmy childhood friend. I don't want to hurt him."
" I'm sorry."
" It's not your fault. I'm the reason he's like this. HE thinkls it was me who died in the fire years ago." She gripped the necklace that had "Friends" on it.
" It's late. Lets get some sleep." I walked to my room and fell asleep. Kitty, did the same. Tomorrow night....this would all be over. Tomorrow night....Kitty would find her love again.

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