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Random stuff I feel like sharing
title explains all
She floated in white. Tubes intruded hands and nose, keeping her alive. He had been told not to blame, but how could he not? Marluxia knew the way she came home at night. Axel stood by Larxene's bedside in the hospital, wondering why Marluxia seemed to want nothing more than to see him miserable. He looked at Larxene's sleeping form, listening to the heart monitor beeping steadily. Why was everyone who hardly knew him trying to keep him alone? Just because he had to be on antidepressants didn't mean he was bad, it just meant he needed help. Visiting hours were almost over, he'd have to leave soon, even though he didn't want to. She made a noise, soft, barely noticeable, but he caught it. Her eyes slowly opened "Larxene?" He stepped a little closer. She tried to raise her hand and he put his hand over hers
"Axel..." He smiled a little
"Shh, you're gonna be alright." She closed her eyes for a moment
"I'm too battered, Axel.... There's a very slim chance I'll make it much longer..." He just looked at her
"Come on now, don't talk like that..." He knew it was true though, he'd been hearing it almost every time he visited
"Don't be so stubborn, you know what's going on." He gently rubbed the back of her hand with his thumb but said nothing. "You always were good at singing..." She looked at him. He smiled some
"Red Jumpsuit?" She nodded a little and he started, a bit slower than the song was supposed to be "Hey girl you know you drive me crazy
One look puts the rhythm in my hand
Still I'll never understand why you hang around..."
She fell back to sleep. He let go of her hand and turned to leave, the monitors already seeming to slow.

Saix rose when he heard Axel's footsteps coming down the hall "Everything ok?" The blue haired male held out the red head's jacket as he nodded
"Yeah..." The drive was mostly quiet back to his house
"You gonna be ok?" Saix glanced at Axel while stopped at a red light and the red head nodded, but he could see the threatening tears in the red head's reflection. They finally pulled in front of the apartment building where Axel lived and he started to get out, but Saix stopped him "Get some sleep for once, ok?"
"I'll try." Saix chuckled
"Isn't there some sleep aids in there somewhere?" Axel shook his head a little
"Just my prescriptions." He then got out to go in. Saix watched him before heading home himself.

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