Nemo enters her shop with a look of failure on her face.
She examines the emptyness of the room.

gonk "My shop looks horrible!"
She walks around.
"It's deserted, it's empty, it's-.. got cobwebs" o.O
-dusts counters-

She walked behind the counters.

"Hmm.. it's almost Halloween and I haven't released any products up for sell yet, sweatdrop and I've still got some orders to finish filling. This isn't going very well. gonk I still have to set up the Villa at Kura's guild. And I haven't even been visiting the Villa to check up on the others. I wonder how the residents are doing.."

She looks up and ponders.

{A image of Maru, JJ, Tessi & Eyata trashing the Villa in a party. Terry is playing DJ and Casra revs the party up. Asiliem is running around like a wild animal, throwing toilet paper all over the place. And the Villa is crowded with 100 other miscellaneous strangers crashing the place. Kura has a look of discomfort and quickly tries to clean everything up. Eyata is yelling, "PARTAY IN DA CLUBBB!!!" while Terry screams and brings in the music}

*crazy look in her face*
Nemo shakes her head.

"Okay.. not the best thing to wonder"

Nemo takes out a cloth and starts wiping the counter.