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The Stars Callings
A place for all to know the thoughts and wishes of the stars
OOC Naruto Character


          Name: Hoshigaki, Mita
          Age: 15
          Gender: Female
          Race: Human (We think)
          Occupation Ninja
          Sexuality: Strait


          Hair Color: Navy
          Hair Length: Worn mostly in a high pony tail in which it ends at the base of her neck
          Eye color: Violet
          Skin Tone: Blue skin
          Height: 5'4"
          Weight: 145lbs
          Build: Medium
          Distinctive Marks: Gills under her eyes and a mouth filled with sharp pointed teeth.
          Clothing: She mostly wears something similar to thist Accept where blue red, and where white black. She also wears a mask that covers the lower half of her face.

XXXXXXXXXThe Deeper Stuff:

          Weapons: Exploding Note, Maidens hair, Kunai, Senbon, Shuriken, and when the time comes - Samehada.
          Magical Abilities: Like her father, she uses a wide range of water and earth based jutsu's
          Personality: Mita is a relatively happy girl, though she tends to be a bit tom-boyish due to the fact she has never really had a female influence in her life, and quests to be so much like her father. She is cruel at times and seems to be able to analyze things quickly. She never fully shows her true self because she is afraid if she does her father will shun her.
          Bio: Mita grew up the first four years of her life with her mother whom she doesn't remember at all, but she does remember her father arriving at the mist village being desecrate as possible and telling her mother that she was going with him. After that she was whisked away without a word to her mother and simply followed her father, her father was none other then Hoshigaki, Kisame.
          For a while they never really spoke, but then she watched him fight, the way he did everything, was how she wanted to work as a ninja, and instantly started idolizing him, completely forgetting her mother, and anything she had been taught by her. From that day on, she did what her father said, and allowed him to train her, and it made her hard and loyal to all who were her teachers and her father.
          One day, she and her father were out, and for the first time she got her hands onto her fathers sword, and it didn't reject her right away, and her father seemed impressed by this. So she begged him to let her to learn with the sword, and her father only said "when the time is right." So she waits, and is still waiting until the day she proves herself worthy enough to have Samehada passed onto her.

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