Well. another day in randomness
BTW i FINALLY got to meet my cuzins bf and his cuzin on THE FORTH of JULY!!! yeah there friggin tall makes me fell all short n stuff D: kenny's cuzin is like 6 4 an im only like 5 2
HES A FOOT TALLER THEN ME!!! .-. so not funn. he touched the top of a stop sign with the road thingymajigs! ninja lol
RaDoM sInGiNg!
its 3:00 im sitting here
thinking of what used to be
i still think of you
i hope you still think of me
im sorry i broke ur heart
it wasnt meant to be
i hope you understand
it cause me pain to say goodbye
it wasnt right
it wasnt me
i hope u understand
it was meant to be
i had fun, i hope u did too
for the short time i loved you
i may say stuff
which i dont mean
i said stuff
which pains me
i see ur eyes
i know ive caused pain
but you know it wasnt meant to be