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A place to put down my Ideas
Oringins ~ Werewolves V.S. Vampires (working on it)
For years people have asked the question, which is stronger vampires or werewolves? Well it is a simple answer and yet very few people will actually admit to it. The problem is, that people then to flock and stick with the one that they like the most; so if you like vampires then of course to you the vamp would be the strongest. People tend to look past the flaws of your favorites and for the things are left unclear. So I will attempt to point out some of the key factors that will determine the winner of this age old debt.

Well let start with Vampires shell we? Vampires are very strong as I am sure everyone knows by now. With enhanced speed, agility, and strength they are truly a force to be messed with; but these are all powers that every vampire comes with. Also their healing abilities; like humans vampires differ from each other. Some are faster, some are stronger, you know that sort of thing; but thats has nothing to really do with age. As we all know with age comes experiences and that is one of the ways you can determine just how strong a vampire is. Age plays an huge role among vampires. There are other powers that vampires hold as well, shape shifting is one of those powers; but not all vampires have that skill. So we will just stick with the basics. Most vampires can get up to 100 miles per hours and can easily lift a few hundred ponds; yes I said a few hundred and not something like a 2 tons. The thing is that people make them more powerful then they really are. Vampire are not all powerful monsters, in fact a vampires power depends on the human. If a weak human becomes a vampire then it will be a weak vampire, stronger then humans yes... but weak among other vampires. So lets keep it simple, say the average human can run about 15 miles per hours then as a vampire you will multiply that by 10 and you will get about 150, that would be just how fast that human will be as a vampire. This speed will increase as you get older but its a slow process and will not really show until they are like 100 years old.
All this does sound pretty tempting doesn't it? Well now lets get into their weakness. A vampire's weaknesses varies from vampire and region, but there are things that stay the same. Vampires can not walk in the sun light (with out something like a charm of some really strong sunblock lol) or they will die, the crucifix (but you actually have to have faith for that to work or it will only just annoy them), Silver (silver also works on werewolves), and holy water. There are other weakness that vampire do have but again it has a lot to do with the type of vampire and its region, so I just stated the comon weaknesses. In knowing that they have lots of weaknesses, I see vampires as being more harmless then a threat; if I had a lot of weaknesses I would try to stay out of as much trouble as possible.

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