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This is a fanmade zelda game that is still in progress.

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The Whole Thing!
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*I'm using RpgMakerVx Engine*

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After Link defeated Twin Rova and Ganon in Holodrum (Oracle of Seasons) and Labrynna (Oracle of Ages) a new evil threatens the land of hyrule and ''Valencia''(The new land).
Not much after Link hears ,once again, the call of the oracles back in the hyrule temple, the triforce sends him to Valencia.
Link will have to fight for the 8 Essences of Secrets in 8 different dungeons with various puzzles that will have to be solved with various items found throughout Link's adventure-to save the three oracles.
And somehow zelda ,once again, gets kidnapped by the new forces of Evil.

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The land of Valencia, province of Hyrule, lies in the middle of a sea of trees.
The mayor village is Revonary, wich lies in the middle of Valencia.
Here's a Picture =)
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In Valencia we will see old races such as:
-None Gerudos
*Maku Trees
==You will be able to visit Holdrum and Labrynna's Maku Trees AND Valencia's Maku Tree!!==

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The most silent yet loyal hero you will ever meet, though he never speaks in the game, Link must get all 8 essences of secrets that are hidden throughout Valencia. He is not afraid of anything, not even lurking in Graves, accepting Goron Tasks, and lurking into the coldest and darkests caves, to mention a few things, to save the ones he loves.

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Though small she is, this little forest fairy will aid Link through his journey. She knows pretty well Valencia and the monsters that lurk in it.

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This young girl will have to hide from evil for she is the chosen to hold the power of secrets upon Valencia. Farore is the most loyal of the oracles and she will aid Link by sharing secrets no one, not even the evil ones, know.

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Dancing, drinking and meeting travelers is just a few things that this party girl likes to do. Din is the most charismatic yet powerful of the 3 oracles and will aid Link in his long journey with having fun. wink

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A kid lost his mother, a traveler got lost and doesn't know the way; well Nayru will always put people before her. The third oracle is always helping the needed and singing to the forest animals.

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=============Random NPCs such as:
In oracle of Seasons the subrosians had their own dance and in Ages the Gorons had their own dance soo in ''Secrets'' the Zoras will have their own cultural dance!! ^^

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This is a weapon list that Ive got for the game:
*Swords(Link will have 3)
-Noble's Sword
-Master Sword
*Shields(also 3)
-Iron or Noble's Shield(IDK)
-Mirror Shield
*Farore's Special Item/s

________________________Dungeon Items____________________
-Compass(I was thinking that the compass instead of showing where you are that it opens the chest with bosskey, IDK)
-Boss Key/Nightmare Key
-Weapon/Item got
*Skull Lantern(Only in dark places)
*Boomerang(but I need Script!!)
*Shovel (Still thinking about it)
*Hook Shot!! biggrin
*Zora Flipper's(for Swimming!!)
<<<IDK if the player will be able to dive underwater like in ''Oracle of Ages''>>>
*And more xD

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You think I'm missing something or you think I must change something? Just post it right here and let me know!!

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Here are some screenshots I took from the game so far smile Considering the game being Pre-Beta, the screenshots I took are the ones I think that are good enough for you to see! I'm also kinda done with the first dungeon but I'm not fully satisfied from the mapping so I'll make some changes on it soon. biggrin Soo Enjoy!!
Renovary Village
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User Image
User Image

Renovary Forest
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Eastern Field
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User Image
And Part of the Graveyard
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User Image
Go ahead and spread the word!! smile

Thnx 4 Reading!! 3nodding
Here's the link to the original topic 3nodding

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