I hated having a dead link on my profile. So, just to remove a tasteless dead end, I decided to throw in a journal entry for starters. Like Warm starter shoes. I do this at every site, and unless there is an obvious reason to protect myself, I air on the side of publicity. I figure, why not? I hope it more filters people I don't want OUT as opposed to attracting people I don't want IN. And when I have even more time, I elaborate when I can, like on the Call of Duty website. Stupid Black Ops being worse than Modern Warfare 2! Curse you! Like I don't have enough public profiles to maintain as it is...*sigh*...Whatev. This journal serves two purposes: This is where I would proclaim Gaia Acheivements, but more importantly, this is where I will gather info and publicize stylistic changes to my Quotations Website. More on that to come!