Okay I always have really bizzare dreams that I forget so I thought I might as well right them down here so I will never forget them!

1) There were 3 characters in this dream: Rachel, Joey and Chanler(all of TV show 'Friends') Anyway Rachel was pregnant and Joey wanted to be a father figure to the baby to be born. Chanler told Rachel she had to ride a water slide if she is to have a baby. The dream was as if I was playing Rollercoaster Tycoon 3, I built the water slide(so I guess I was chanler lol)...the water slide was a slide where you sat on a inflatable ring and at the end there was like a 50 foot drop in to the pool. Now my dream is Rachel riding the slide while pregnant. Now Joey says he wants to be at the bottom of the slide where Rachel will get off because he wants to be the father. So like I said it was if I was playing rollercoaster tycoon 3 so I lower the terrain so Joey can meet her at the bottom BUT I fall off the cliff and it turns into a falling dream....

2) This one involved JD off of the TV show 'Scrubs', his baby and a giant killer bird.
JD and his baby lived in a cave, inside his cage is a bird cage with a house that usually the 2 live in. This dream JD and his baby were out of the bird cage. There was a large hole on the roof of the cave and a huge bird came in trying to kidnap JD's baby, JD held his baby tightly so the bird couldnt kidnap it. Thats all...

3) Not much I remember about this one
My finger was bent/deformed...I had to crack it back into shape but I was too scared it would hurt or break my finger

4) This took place in my old town Novato, California
I was walking home while it was really raining and in my hand I had a piece of blank paper that I didn't want get wet
Then this girl in this SUV came up and was like "DO U WANT A RIDE!?!", she was my brother's friends sister even though I have never met any of my brother's friend's sisters. Anyway I said "No, I'm okay" and then she drove off.
So I was walking home and then finally I reached the hill that my house was on, but by this time it wasn't raining it was extremely hot instead
So there was a large group of girls in front of me, I was walking faster than them so I tried to overtake one of them. She kept purposely walking in front of me so I couldnt pass then she looked back and laughed, then I could pass her...
Okay so now I had baby carriage and there were these 2 stupid models in front of me neutral So what I had to do was race up the hill while pushing the baby carriage and beat them. I had caught up to them and I rammed the baby carriage into one of the model's legs and she was like "Ahhh"...so we raced and I had beat them so I quickly touched the house to show I had beaten them but just to make sure I had beaten them I ran up the stairs to touch the doors. So now my old next door neighbor "Jill" was like "Oh can you go inside and hang up the keys for me"
Then I said "Uhhhh where do I put them"
Then my mum who was next to me said "Oh you have to go upstairs and hang them up" and then everyone nodded to show she was correct
So I replied "Uhhh.."
She said "Do you want me to do it?"
Me: "yeah"

5) Damn, I forgot to write this one down so I dont remember much about it
Me and some other people were planning on hiding in Tescos, then the store will close and we will camp there overnight
I remember a part where in the past a man was camping at Tesco's and the store got robbed while he was camping, so he tried to hide and 'pretend to sleep' yet he still got hit in the head by the robbers

6) Same dream that day, but I went to sleep had a dream, woke up, went back to sleep and had this dream:
I think my family and friends were lost somehow(maybe we were shipwrecked or in a plane crash) near the beach ANYWAY we had to set up a tent for the night out of the stuff we could find
Although the beach we were stranded on was a tourist destination so I guess we could have asked one of the tourists for help but its a dream so it doesnt have to make sense
Okay so it was night time now, most of my family/friends were at the middle of the beach near some trees with a little tent we set up while 3 of the group were on the right side of the beach near a rock wall with a cave...okay so I go over there and I cant see anything at all...All I know is that there were some monsters that came out and we attacked them trying to kill them for no reason at all, I remember killing the last one in a dramatic way. Okay now we are attacked by another group of monsters called the Arganouts(wtf D: )....we kill them
After that it quickly switches to me at table football/soccer(I know thats not a real sport though) with my sister, Alex, as the coach. We are still stranded on the beach but it was a tourist spot so I guess while waiting to get rescued I decided to take a table football/soccer class lol. The coaches teaching the class soon realize that the balls are table tennis balls so they are bouncy. I was sitting on the floor waiting to play but once I heard the news I quickly covered my face with my jacket so none of the bouncy table tennis balls come and hit me in the face. My sister pauses the class and informs everyone that the table football/soccer balls are table tennis balls instead meaning to pick up one of the balls to prove it to everyone but instead she picks up a mini shoe by accident, then everyone laughs

7) Okay wow, this dream was probaly one of the most ******** up ones in awhile

Okay so it starts out that a guy has been killed, some guys of the tv show CSI are there to check out what happened. Okay so theres this couple, I dont know why theyre there but...well they are. Anyway the guy goes out of the store and falls asleep on some desk(btw my dream is in third person) then some lady who has short white hair is near him, dissapears and then turns into some scary ghost lady and kills him using a sewing needle......
Okay now it shows the London Underround, except it looks nothing like the underground and isnt even a train system....oh and its not in London, later in the dream I learn its more in the country side
Instead it is kinda like a cave system with a community of thousands of people all who look like freaks
So it shows this lady in the underground, the ghost lady with the white hair and all, then THOUSANDs of clones of heself along with thousands of other people just walking around. So since she has the power to make thousands of copies of herself I guess she is more powerful and is the leader of the people in the Underground
For whatever reason, she decides to grab her 'army' and attack the people up on top.

So they attack, throughout the dream it's just like a zombie film...the underground people are the zombies killing whoever they see and the people who they attack are all trying to run to safety. The army doesnt help in the dream as well, I dont know why but its a dream so doesnt have to make sense.

My view is a crowd of people running away from them, they all plan to run into this tunnel that seems to lead into the underground(lol idk why they would go somewhere were its the undergrounds people's homes but they did) then one guy shouts:
'IM NOT GOING IN THERE, THATS WHERE THEY WILL GO....so instead him and a few other ran to the right and to the fields
The underground people go into the tunnel and I guess kill everyone who went in there
So a few people didnt go to the underground and didnt get killed, instead they run to this field. I guess I was one of those people cause its first person view and im at the field. There is a play area for children to the right and a farm to the left. Now what I SHOULD do is warn everyone and tell them to run away but I play on the play area thing except I cant cause some little girl is in the way mad
THEN I warn everyone and you can hear screaming in the distance, so all of us run for our lives into a cow field and through the roads. I was in the front of the group along with an old man...we run down the road and it shows mini videos in my dream of all the other people getting picked off and killed..so its just me and the old guy, many cars pass us with people trying to escape but not one of them stops to save ne and the old guy cry

So my dream fast forwards into a scene where we got to the old dudes house and drove his car, except in the car there are 3 people: me, the old dude and some random other man
Apparenlty the dream is a movie and I know the ending, he turns out to be an a*****e and gets killed
Oh yeah and I forgot we are on a mission to save 3 kids, that was totally random in my dream and thats not what we were trying to do before
I dont even know the 3 kids, but thats the end of my character's part

Now its back in third person showing the 3 kids, theyre running to the docks and the underground people are chasing them because apparently we told them we'd meet them on the other side of the river
The black kid was like 'We need to keep a distance of at least 6 between us and them..so theyre running and they arrive to the docks but they dont plan to take a boat they plan to take an inflatable tube THEN onto a boat just on the other side of the river, but the river is only a few meters wide so it would only take a few seconds to swim to the other side(but nobody does that)
So theyre running down this hill to the docks, they arrive except there is a line full of other children trying to escape on to a inflatable tube, finally its their turn
The dream changes to first person and im one of the 3 boys, so I jump first onto the tube, in the distance I can see the underground people running down the hill....now the 2nd kid jumps on the tube and now just the 3rd kid has to jump on, he does but JUST before the underground people grab him...so we swim away onto the tube to the boat with other people on it
The underground people can't swim so they stop at the dock and make weird noises at us
So we are all safe ^_^

The dream ends with the children waiting in this little hut far out of the countryside where we told them we would meet them
So they hear screaming and they quickly assume its the underground people and people screaming, running away from them
But they look out the window and its just a group of about 6 girls and 1 ginger kid that were screaming at some ants
The boys let the group hide out with them and my dream ends biggrin
Lol this was an amazing dream xd

K, I havent added any recently but this is one I had:
8 ) Okay this one is kinda sad, I had a dream about Gaia cry
******** I am such as nerd

K well here it goes,
So Lanzer made an announcment saying that the orphans would now be called Dorphans because some newbies still had their orphans from last christmas(I know this doesnt make any sense)
Okay so I am in this forum and I support this one thing(I dont know what I support, I assume it was me supporting orphans now being called dorphans) yet most users hate it
So I am like the leader of supporting this feature along with this other dude also supporting this feature but I got more hate than he did sad
Sooo I get tons of topics are about me, etc. except they're all saying they like hate me and stuff
So yeah that was it

9)So the main event in this dream is that it is the end of the world and there is a huge tornado, but before the dream a lot of pointless/random crap happens like:
I am at my teachers house
I can't sleep
My family plans to sell our garage to our neighbours but we dont have a garage
I try to scare my sister but there isnt enough darkness to hide in so it doesnt work

Okay....so NOW my dream fast forwards and me and my family are running away trying to find shelter as(I said before) it is the end of the world. There are tons of other people with us, I guess we are like a group of survivors with no where to stay but this one family I remember...it was a black dude and his 2 kids: a girl and a boy. So we see this huge tornado, the way the world is ending is that there are a bunch of freak storms and tornadoes are part of it. So we see the tornado and think "********, but is it coming towards us?". We quickly find out as the tornado quickly gets closer. So we run for it, the camera angle is infront of us and it showing all the people behind us being sucked up by it. The tornado is just a few feet away. So the black dude and his family, they are running as well but the little girl slows down and he goes back to try to pick her up. I cant really remember much but I remember the girl and boy made it away but because the father went back I assume he died.
THE END! lol

10) Okay this is kinda weird, I woke up at 5:00 AM just having this dream, I knew I would forget this dream if I went back to sleep so I decided to write some notes about my dream. Hopefully some basic notes would have got my memory back. Keep in mind I was tired when I wrote these notes, this is what I wrote:


Soo...yeah it kinda reminded me of my dream. It was Dr. Pattells science class but my other science teacher Mr. Martin was also there. I had these pink blocks that I had knocked over, whenever I tried to put them away I kept knocking even more over and making the situation even worse. Before the lesson there was a paper that said I hadn't got good results in something but at the end of the dream a piece of paper said I did well in Science. Anyway whenever I tried to put the blocks away but kept knocking over every one apparently thought it was funny. In my notes I wrote "USE ACCENT TO HELP CLEAN UP", I dont remember ANY of that, how the ******** would using my american accent help clean up the mess I made? I slightly remember something about my accent but that bit of my notes is still a mystery to me lol. Still, I am glad I had wrote down this dream as it was another strange dream I have had confused

11) This one involved the golden gate bridge, the bridge was really steep
This is what it looked like cause it's kinda weird to explain:
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So I was at the top there and on the other side is San Francisco
Before I go onto the bridge my brother says something like "A lot of people own the golden gate bridge....if something(cant remember what it was though sad ) then EVERYONE would own the bridge'
I went to go down the bridge into SF except the bridge is too steep so I fall down it as if it is a slide....why I am not hitting cars while sliding down is unknown
So I am sliding down except at the end it gets a lot less sleep and I slowly slide into this tunnel and when I get off there are these 2 workers who where there to I suppose make sure nobody got hurt
The bridge was supposed to be used as a slide as well as a road...
Later in the dream there was something involving a sweater I remember but I cant remember anymore than that

12) This dream was like a christmas horror one kinda, it started out with me having to stay in this ladies room to sleep in...idk who she was though, she was telling me about this ghost that haunted her. She said it liked it open spaces so last time she had to open all off the windows and take all of her clothes off as the more angry it got the more it demanded. The lady said the ghost always left her a piece of silver in the morning. So I ignored what she told me except I was a bit scared thinking their is a possible chance of a ghost that will haunt me. So I sleep except I open my eyes and quickly close them again because I know there is a ghost there and I just want to ignore it..In the morning it is around christmas time. Its now morning and I hear the doorbell ring, I apparently have a bunch of assistants so they go to answer the door. This one red- headed lady think the lady at the door is a pizza lady and tells everyone of how hungry is but another one of my assistants tells her "She isnt a pizza lady ._."
So the lady at the door I think is supposed to inspect my christmas tree, I follow her down and I have a huge christmas tree except it had been moved to the centre of the room instead of the corner but not by me. There is also a brand new table with a little christmas bag on top but theres a huge piece of silver going right through it, just like the first lady told me the ghost leaves behind. The lady who was at the door grabs it and says "ohh whats this" and tries to read, I attempt to snatch it out of her hand as I havent even read it yet and tell her "I DONT READ YOUR CHRISTMAS CAROLS!"(although I meant to say 'cards' I think instead) The lady has read the card and I am now able to take the little card and read it, inside it says "I dont want my christmas with you, I am in year 8". So the lady says "could it be from someone from your old school?". I tell her no and tell her about last night and how I kept blinking and trying to ignore the ghost. The lady tells me how the same thing had also happened to her in the past. I try to figure out the meaning of the card, the card said the person was from year 8(8th grade to Americans) so I thought to myself maybe the ghost is trying to warn me about someone trying to kill me instead of the ghost trying to kill me themself. I tell the lady I will confront the ghost this night...DUN DUN DUNNNN

13) This one was supposed to be the next 'Lost' episode
Jack had gone out in to the island centre and saw Ben, Ben's bodyguard was there and he stabbed Jack trying to kill him but Jack had killed him instead smile
Except now he was wounded so it shows Kate bringing him back, once the survivors see Jack and Kate they rush to do emergency surgery on a rock....
I also remember there was an 'other' who had a power to ask anyone to do anything by seducing them lol, dont remember how that tied much in with my main dream part

14) Me and my brother were walking into this forest. We get to this log and there are a ton lof bugs on it so we knock them off and continue. Then a lion goes near us and I keep thinking its going to eat me but my brother tells me it wont, further down the lion is still next to us except there are a ton of elephants as well so I think to myself that if the lion isnt eating the elephants it wont eat us. We keep going until we notice its an animal reserve and were not supposed to be on the property. The lady who is supposed to be watching the place has a bunch of signs around here like "Dont yell" so my brother yells something at her. She gets mad....something happens with these other people and they get mad at us so my brother just says our last name is the "Baramas" (lol I think I got that from Barack Obama) and shes in a kind of like annoyed yet joking voice "ohhh ohh so we can call the police and say its the Baramas!?!" and we say "Yeah okay" and giggle cause thats not our real last names. Anyway its the end of the dream and we have to figure out how to get back home

15) So it was me and these 2 other guys, one of them I think was my brother. The other one I dont know. There is also a martial arts master who looks like some wise old man with a long grey beard wearing robes. Anyway for some reason the 3 of us have to kill him except its very hard as he's a martial arts master, we even try to smash like 10 bricks on his head but they dont break. Whenever he knocks us all down he yells out of the window for his friend to help him, I am the first to get back up but I wait till the other 2 get up so we can all take him down at once. We manage to take him down and I try to strangle him as he stuggles, this part was kinda freaky. Outside of the window you can see his friend who he was calling for doing nothing.....fast forward into the dream and it shows the house we were in with a hole in it except we are all gone, inside is the 'joker' off of batman hanging and he had a huge green afro, around the hanging are a bunch of villians but one is facing the other way. He turns around and its the joker except he has his normal hair and he says "What? Its not the 80s anymore" lol

16) I remember the dude who played batman, Christian Bale I remember had got into a fight with a director or someone in the real world(not in my dream), the day before I had watched the video of him yelling at this director

Anyway, this dream took place at my house and involved Christain Bale, a black dude and some kid...I cant remember what happened in the beginning of the dream but I remember I was trying to kill the kid(or maybe it was the black dude)....I remember I had this tiny weak little dart gun and he had this weird pistol but was like a shotgun, he was in the other room and I slowly started to approach the door, I knew my tiny gun could not beat his weapon so just before I opened the door I shouted "DONT ******** SHOOT ME"...he didnt shoot me.....some other random stuff happened in the dream but I remember the ending. The kid was upstairs and the black dude and I were downstairs, for some reason we had to get to the kid except Christain Bale was really pissed and was blocking our path. The black dude tried to get past but Christain Bale threw some boiling hot water onto him, the black dude had burnt his hands really badly and started to scream. I cant remember why but the black dude is now out of my dream. So its just me who has to get by except Christain Bale wants to throw boiling hot water on me. What he does to get his boiling hot water is put a jug of water in the microwave for like 2 seconds to warm it up and then throws it at people. I stand near my guinea pig and bunny cage since I thought he wouldnt throw hot water on animals but he does try except misses. Whenever he throws a jug of hot water he screams "FLYYY!"....I think to myself I have about 5 seconds for him to place the jug in the microwave, turn on the microwave, heat up the water and take it out, so in those 5 seconds I plan to run by him and upstairs to meet the kid I needed to get to, I wake up just before I do that though

19) Okay so in this one the setting is a pub/prison, the beginning is mainly the prison bit
It is the 19th century yet the prison looks like its from the medieval era and the pub looks modern...the characters involve the characters from the book called 'An Inspector Calls'. I am in a prison cell yet it is so low I have to lay down, I have a paper bag and a stick on fire. Mr.Birling(character from the book) owns the prison and his wife Mrs. Birling constantly comes in(also from the book) yet she is a total b***h and never smiles. Okay so I am free to go in and out of the prison cell, when I return to my cell the stick on fire is almost out so I quickly light the paper bag on fire....now I go out of my cell again and the convicts above me put some bottles right next to my paper bag, slightly annoyed I move them yet the convicts do the exact same thing again and this time I throw their bottles right out of the window into the sea....this really annoys them and they keep placing more things next to my plastic bag, one of them is flowers I think. Anyway, after awhile Im suddenly not a convicts nor are the other convicts. So the ex-convict gets so pissed he decides to move back to France. This one dude tells me to pack his bags, there is an empty vase or something that was supposed to contain the flowers but I had thrown them out the window...the man says "There are no flowers in that" and I reply with "I know" and he goes away. So that part is over and now its the pub scene. Apparently the dad(Mr. Birling) had died and the family grieving leaves the pub. Okay the twist in the book was that the Inspector who visited them never really existed, he was just a ghost. The twist in my dream is that when the pub owner opens his storage door Mr. Birling is alive! The pub owner amazed by this almost has a heart attack. Mr. Birling has caught up to his family and taps on their backs, the family is also amazed...I remember the children of the family had the exact same backpack as I do! :O

20) This dream I had as the same night as the previous one...
So there was robbery and I'd tried to take down the robbers...they tried to shoot me but their guns weren't real so now I knew they couldnt hurt me, I had taken down the robbers except now it goes back in time....now I know the robber's guns arent real so I try to take them down except I have a lot more trouble this time and 2 of my friends have to help me, after what seems like ages of fighting me and my friends decide to take our vehicle and drive except I dont know how to drive a non-automatic, I manage to drive okay and accidentally mess up in this one bit but my friend puts the car into the right gear....anyway I remember I said something like "I dont know how to drive this" and then my friend cheered
After awhile my car turns to a bike and I am going down a steep hill, there are some stairs we need to get down so I get off my bike and push my bike down the stairs. There are a bunch of people infront of us and we're near the coast...there are 2 ladies infront of us and one of them says "Oh I live near the coast, its the house over the hill". I have to stand on a rock to see it, my sister 'Alex' then says "So you dont live near the coast then neutral "

21) So I thought I had the power to travel back in time so I figured I could do embaressing things. I decided to go to my friends house uninvited, I open the door and my friend's family is there and they all look at me weird, I cant remember what I said to them but I went up the stairs. I saw Josh and my other friend, Chris, each playing on a computer and they say 'hi' and I tell them I just wanted to see them. Well the 3rd computer somehow managed to realise I was in the room so it logged me in, so I turn around and try to time travel back in time before all of this yet I cant because I dont have the ability, I think to myself "********" smile

22) So I was at the beach and the waves were getting quite big, so then a HUGE wave formed and went across the beach, it mixed with the sand and it turned into this deadly muddy type wave that destroyed everything in its path
Now I guess it's in the future and people in the GD(general discussion forum) had these signs in their signature saying something like "Never forget" and that they wanted to move back to the beach where everything was destroyed neutral
Now I cant remember if this was before or after the beach part but I remember I was walking in this park and everyone was deformed, I remember this woman's hand was sewn to her forehead and I remember another deformed women pushing a baby carriage. Anyway, that bit freaked me out D:

23) These were 2 seperate dreams but I'll write them both here.
So the first one is I am in Dead Rising 2 ( game yet to be released) as if it were real life, the graphics were a lot better and it took place in another mall. There were animal zombies this time(dogs and cats). It started out with me having to get past the cat zombies, the zombies in this game were A LOT harder I remember. So I got past the cat zombies and now I had to face the dog zombies, these were even harder to kill but I managed to kill them. Now it was in the centre of the mall, I was surrounded by 3 floors of stores and there were normal zombies this time. In the original Dead Rising there were survivors you could save so I thought to myself "I wonder if there are any survivors in this one". So I go to the store right infront of me and there are several survivors in the store, they were all french students. A new feature was that you could select any of the survivors you wanted, I selected them all as I wanted to save them all. So I took them out but this time they were even more retarded than when they were in the original Dead Rising and they were all getting attacked, there was this one survivor who got tackled down by a zombie. I apparently had a katana so I tried to kill the zombie by poking it with the katana except I realised I was poking the survivor instead and I think I accidentally killed him. So the dream ended with me killing a survivor and failing to protect the rest of them.

The second part or second dream was me playing sims 3, pretty much I was trying to build a house as well as some other people were trying to. The problem was that sims 3 was a lot more complicated and very confusing to use. That was about it...

24) So this one was about Dead Rising again(although the other one was about te sequel..still) I guess I am just getting excited about Dead Rising 2 being released in the future!
Okay so I just remember some guy was chasing me and the weird thing I remember was he was going at the exact same speed as I was so there was no way to escape him, so I tried to run away and then I found Kay, Kelly, Lily and Janet in the middle of the mall(survivors from Dead Rising) so I either gave them gold clubs or they already had them. Anyway I decided to stop there and let them help me kill the dude chasing me. When he came over they all swung some golf balls at him, so the 4 golf balls hit him and took most of his health away. 2 more golf balls after that killed him biggrin

25) So it starts out with these 2 teenage girls who are at this party. I play one of the girls. At the party I get really dizzy and have to sit down...anyway after the party me and the other girl go back to her place. We see her dad sitting on the couch although he was in the dark and kinda hard to see. Anyway I am about to leave to go home but the 'dad' picks the other girl up and throws her over his shoulder, he then takes her to another room. I assume he was taking her to bed but I follow him anyway. I see he took her to the bath room...except it wasnt the father! It was some killer with a scythe, he slices the girl with his scythe and she falls against the door almost in 2 pieces. So I of course try to run away but he catches me. He picks me up and holds an axe next to my head, I thought he was going to behead me with the axe but instead he pushes me against the wall and nails my legs with a hammer against the wall and then nails one of my hands against the wall. So he was trying to like redo the crufication of Jesus..anyway the dream ends before he gets to nail my 2nd hand to the wall lol.

26) So 5 of my friends were in this dream: Paul, Josh, Ben, Chris and Sam
Anyway, I am outside this mansion at night talking to Sam when all of a sudden Josh attacked me, we were both kung fu fighting and we could both hit really fast but we were both equal in skill so we kept blocking each other's attacks. He then dissapeared and same thing happened with Paul, then Ben, then Chris and then I woke up :]

27) So me and my brother are walking and we pass this one kinda strange dude, I whisper to my brother to look out for pickpocketers and he says "yeajh, I know". Anyway we continue on the long path and the guy follows us and I remind my brother about people pickpocketing. After awhile it is very obvious he is trying to pickpocket us and I keep looking back...and he realises I do that but everytime I look back he pretends hes just about to do something else. Anyway for some reason my brother lifts me up my legs and I just yell at the guy telling him we know he is a pickpocket. So he tries to come up to us and like kidnap me or something but I try to kick him away, anyway we pass a group of people and my brother take an alleyway to my brother's car hoping the one guy wont follow us. I thought for a moment he hadnt seen us but then all of us a sudden he turns the corner. Me and my brother run for the car, he tries to gently throw me of his shoulders but it takes awhile for me to get to my feet. Anyway, my brother gets in the drivers seat and I run into the boot of the car for a weird reason lol. But I cant get the boot door closed and the crazy dude grabs me!! Then my brother just beats the hell out of the one guy and kills him. So we drive home terrified and I say my brother should call the police cause we just killed a guy, so he does and then as we leave the spot we see 2 police cars driving to the spot where the body is. Scary dream lol

28 ) So I was in a mall with my brother and we got seperated so I was on my own. Suddenly there is a zombie invasion and I run to the nearest room I could find, here is a see-through plastic window showing the room next to me and I see a survivor in the other room. I find a pen and write on the window going to tell him I am not a zombie but before I can really write anything he sees I am a survivor and runs out of his room. He enters my room but I forgot him and I cant tell if he is a zombie or not...so me and the guy pretend to be zombies to tell if the other is a zombie, we both realise neither of us are zombies so he shows me the other survivors, there are quite a few survivors and one of them is my brother. Also three girls off 'One Tree Hill': Peyton, Brooke and Lindsey are in it as well. So anyway a bit of time passes and I think we are collecting food. In zombie films/games when a zombie horde comes you hear a screech or something but in my dream its baby pandas on fire running towards a fire alarm. Once we see the pandas we run for the room again. I try to close the door but the key wont work and a zombie is trying to pull open the door, finally we get the lock to work and we wait in the room for a bit. We look out the window and I look back on the door, I see that there are now many zombies trying to open the door but we ignore it because there isnt much we can do. After awhile I look back again and notice the door is completely open and a zombie is standing there. I tell everyone and we get out the window to go and try and get a car, I am the first one to leave as I was sitting on the window anyway. Me, my brother and this other random dude make a run for it. They go on ahead but I go back to the other survivors, I see they have just all gotten out the window but some had been attacked. So me and the 3 girls off 'One Tree Hill' run and the one girl yells at me for leaving them but I lie and tell them that I was shoved off the window. Anyway Lindsey tells Peyton she was lying about something before the zombie invasion and Peyton gets really mad. Peyton and Brooke get in a car and try to drive away leaving us 2 behind because she is mad at Lindsey. This pisses me off because she left us to die so I open the door and pull Peyton's hair as hard as I could calling her a b***h while she screams in pain but eventually she drives off. I dont know how me and the other girl escaped but we somehow did, my dream flashforwards to the future and it shows the 3 girls and I are all safe. My brother is playing football(or soccer) with the dude he ran away with and they're best friends. Everyone is fine and my dream ends :]

29) I woke up and I was all fat, I started to worry how I let myself go and gain so much weight...that was it

30) This dream started out as a kind of nightmare but then turned out to be funny. So it took place at a gas station in the middle of nowhere but there were a bunch of people there....like 60 or more people. Anyway, this kid ran away from his dad and the dad said "whats going on out here" and then all of a sudden about 6 robbers came out of an SUV with guns, 2 of them gathered a group consisting of the dad, the little boy, the gas station employees and a few other people while the rest of the robbers gathered everyone else(like 50-60 people) into a large group and held them at gunpoint. The main robber asked the manager something like "where is the....something"(cant remember what he said) and told the manager he will kill this random dude if he doesnt tell him, the man who was apparently about to get killed was scared and the robber began a countdown until he shot the man, so he goes "1....2...3" and then a tv crew comes running at the man and it was all just one huge prank and everyone was in on it. The video camera zooms in on the man who was being pranked and he found it funny but was still shitting himself :]
What a cruel prank lol

31) So it started out as Left 4 Dead and a tank came running after us, anyway it killed zoey and me and the other 2 survivors kept running around in a room shooting at it. So now all of sudden we have ran outside except its me and my brother...and the tank is some crazy old dude. We run outside and I hide on top of this small hill, I see my brother come running out and I tell him to hide but the old dude catches him. Anyway apprently my house is right next door but I dont run away and I just hide, the dude then tells my brother that he has realised I havent escaped. So I get scared that he will try to search for me and find me, so I panic and run home. Anyway I try to go to sleep but cant because I am scared so I go downstairs to lock the door, it was slightly open. I go back to bed but can't again so for the second time I check if the door is locked

32) Okay so there were these elves(like santa's elves), these really tiny elves, Juliet and Ben from 'Lost' and myself all sitting on these desks in this dream. It started out with Ben sitting only 2 seats away from me and he was getting jealous of my name...anyway it kinda annoyed/scared me so I moved a row back. So now he started to yell at one of the tiny elves, whenever one of the tiny elves get spoken to they get really scared and shiver, so Ben got annoyed at the tiny elf and just started to shake him violently.

33) So I was at school and then all of a sudden I see a plane heading right towards us, I yell 'PLANE!' and then try to run away. The plane crashes exactly like the way it does in left4dead when the plane crashes at the end of 'dead air'. Nobody is hurt but a huge plane has crashed so everyone runs towards it, inside people are shooting a porn film lol. So now everyone is sent to a 7 star hotel and restaurant(I know the highest is 5 stars but in my dream they changed it)...anyway I remember we walk in to the restaurant bit and there is a 'make your own pizza' part. Soo I dont buy anything and then a lady tells me how we should bring our own food to school, I say I already do that but I dont bring much

34) This one starts out at my old house in California except I dont live there, some hunter does. On top of the hill I can seee 2 dead deer and 1 dead bear with golden fur. Me and my brother say its a shame how he killed the bear but there was a report of how hunters get paid more from news reporters from what they kill rather than just selling what they've killed (so the hunter thought the best thing would to kill a bear) Anyway I suddenly am in the hunter's memory before the animals were killed. We are at the top of the hill and a deer with huge antelers pops out, it is killed. Then another dear and its also killed. Then the bear comes out and its killed, then 2 skunks come out and theyre also killed. Then out of nowhere a dog and a baby elephant (yes, apparently elephants live in California) appear out of the grass. The elephant runs away but the male dog runs to its mate and tries to save her as apparently some man was trying to kill it but the dog could not save his mate in time sad Anyway apparently the dog's mate had babies right before she died. This is where the main bit of the dream starts, there is a man (the man who attacked the female dog I guess) trying to kill some women by throwing the puppies on her. I said before that this was just me going into the hunter's memory, well in the future apparently this lady died but I try to change that. I go inside but I hear the woman scream and I run back outside to save her, she was trying to throw the puppies onto the killer but it was not doing anything. Me and the woman run inside (idk why the killer isnt chasing us). We lock the doors and then we hear a window being banged on at the other side of the house so we run over there, we decide to split up circling the inside of the house so we can easily catch him if he tries to get inside. I take 3 knives: a lightweight small knife that I thought would be great for a quick stabbing, a butcher's knife to cause serious harm to the killer and then also a cheese knife (why? idk). He appears at the back door and I get ready to attack him but he doesnt see me. Then all of a sudden he is indoors and I have my knife pointed right at him. I give the knife to the girl and tell her to stab him if he tries to attack her.The killer and the girl talk, I try to call 991 but dial the wrong number first and then dont bother as im scared the killer will attack me once I start speaking to the operator. Anyway I go down the stairs to the garage and the girl sees me leave, I put my fingers over my mouth telling her to 'shhh' because I dont want the killer knowing Im leaving. I run out the garage to the outside onto the streets leaving the girl and the killer alone. I run to the right to my neighbours house (also im in my boxers and tshirt but I dont care), my neighbours are sitting on their balcony and I try to tell them there is a killer in my house. The problem is I cant speak, I desperately try to talk but all I can get out is a few random sounds- this is often a problem in my dreams. Finally, I manage to tell them and they call 991. Then all of a sudden the killer and the victim walk out as if they are best friends, oh and the killer has suddenly turned into a girl (but its a dream, who cares). I get a bit annoyed and I grab the victim as the killer goes to my neighbours house. She keeps saying lies like she does math, I try to prove her wrong by asking her maths questions from a maths sheet she was carrying, then she says she has a friend 'Hurley', I tell her she is obviously lying as Hurley is from Lost! Every time she told a lie I would dig my nails into her skin harder and pull on her skin because my annoyance was making me want to hurt her since I spent all that time helping her. Anyway the police car arrives, the killer is on the balcony around two kids. The killer is trying to pretend nothing is wrong, I then tell the kids to get away from her, since 'she's a bad person'. The kids back away and the killer stares at me with anger. The killer goes into the cop car, then (this is where it gets bizarre) it comes to me that apparently the killer will be one of the new victims of the next 'Saw' film (so I guess Saw 7) Then my dream turns into the next Saw film trailer, the victims this time are a bunch of kids/teenagers (oh yeah, by the end of my dream the male adult killer had turned into a teenage female girl...) Anyway she is in the next saw film except in this Saw film the bad people are aliens and the victims have super powers, on the trailer of the film one of the clips shows the boy victim using his electric super powers to attack five of the aliens (the aliens look like klingon). Then thats the end of my of dream.

35) This dream started by be and my dad driving on a road on a cliff, we were driving to an Amelia Earhart fair. Since we are driving on a cliff we are right next to the ocean and I can see Amelia Earhart's plane (except its not her actual plane, its a airship- like a mix between a hot air balloon and a zeppelin...) The wind is really strong and it is blowing her plane everywhere. We arrive at the fair, below is a bay with an island in the middle- I see my mum but we dont know how to get down. We go inside this building but get lost I think, we then go down this weird hallway that is also a bathroom. Me and my dad are with this random kid, he has to use a urinal, right next to the urinal is a toilet that some huge fat guy uses and he farts. So me and my dad run away, on the way we run into my brother and mum (the lady who I thought was my mum before wasnt actually my mum as she was wearing different clothes) My brother had just come back from Greece and everyone welcomes him except I start to suspect this is a dream, my theory is that if I realise this is a dream then I will wake up but I dont wake up and so I dont think its a dream. Also in my dream I order a hoody and a tshirt online that I had been wanting (the next day in real life I ordered those things eek )