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Haley's workings of writing :3 Hey! So if you read this, expect the unexpected from me writing XD I'm an avid writer so you can say i'll write just about anything! Please leave comments to see what I can fix up or if you like it, how I can continue on! Writers need all kinds of

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Fire Him
He spoke to me
In a dream....

"GAH!", I yell as I sit up in bed. I had a....I don't know. I dreamt of a dude, well what girl doesn't? But he...had his pants pulled up. I live in a ghetto part of my city, so must guys are into the whole hi-like-my-butt-faze so when I saw this guy, it was a shocker. Dark hair with the most amazing colour of blue eyes..and i'm certain I thought I saw so yellow around them. I sighed and stretched, thinking about how the day will go.

I just got a new job as our most popular bank's secretary. Secretly, i've always wanted to be a secretary, and with my skills, it's the perfect job for me. I walk in, red jacket with a tight red skirt and all, and walk into the room. Everyone looks at me like I don't belong in this room. Well, I thought, i'll proove them. I knock on the boss' door, because they don't have a secretary...until now. "C'mon in", says a manly voice. I open the door. "Ah, Ms. Barrette, please come in", he says as I close the door. "Thank you for hiring me Mr. Cades", I reply as I take the closest seat to his huge mahogany desk. Mr. Cades is the most successful banker manager in the city, and with my skills, he could become famous!, or so I'd like to think. "So, firstly, I'll need you to file all the paperwork, of course, from ten years to now. Now, I know that's a long time, but the last person who tried fainted and didn't return to her desk. So i'll understand if you want to quit now", he said as I looked around his office. Awards and trophies of his lifes success' and his boys success' were all around his office, along with pictures of his wife, golf tournaments, people he worked with, etc. He seems like a very nice boss. "Sir, i'm not scared of any paper. Just pile year after year and i'll get it done as soon as I can", I say with a smile. He grinned and said that my desk was first one to the left as soon as you enter the floor. I stand along with him, we shake hands, and I go to my new office.

It wasn't a room like all Mr. Cades' assistants, co-workers, and assistant managers, but a fine mahogany desk that went around the wall with a high tech. computer and filing cabinets everywhere. Ya, I thought, i'm gunna like it here. Just as I sit in the very comfy chair, a handsome man with a briefcase walked in. He looks around first, then comes to the desk. "Hi there, he says, though not looking at me at all, "where can I find Mr. Henry's office?" Oh no, I thought. I just started here and I don't know anyone but the boss and I don't know how to access the computer to see where all the offices are! I moved the chair to the computer and typed in the key box "Mr. Henry". A search box states that his office is to in the 15th row, 3rd office. "His office is located in the 15th, 3rd office to your right sir", I said worrying if I should've offered him coffee. "Your knew here aren't you?", he asked as he knelt down and look at me. "Er, yes sir, I just started two minutes ago, so excuse me if I hadn't offered you something like, oh coffee perhaps?", I said as I try to sort the already stacks of papers on the desk. "Well, you seem to know your way around here already, would you happen to know if Mr. Henry is at any chance at his office?", he asks leaning closer to my face. What the heck is he trying to proove? How dare he suggest I've walked around this whole floor, never mind knowing what Mr. whatever looks like! I try to look for a phone, which I find, and look up Mr. H's # for his room. I call it, and a man answers. I state that a gentlemen wants to have words with you, and he says he'd be happy to oblige. He then hangs up, and I tell the "gentlemen" what Mr. H said. The man then goes around my desk, takes my hand and says thank you, kisses it, then walks toward the office. What was all that?! What kind of place is this...

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