A Shellshocked bunny with a rought childhood. Left home because of discontent with his family, especially his older sister Mia. His father was apparently killed when Alucio was at a young age.

Alucio has a huge scar on his chest, his family never told him how he got it.
He wears robes made of a silk blanket his mom gave him long ago.

The hearts on his ears are painted on. He has pawpads, which is unusual for bunnies to have.
His eyes suggest he should be blind, but he can see perfectly.

He found a magical relic in a safebox that belonged to his dad. This relic was a crystal that was made of ice, and when Alucio touched it. That crystal dissolved it's essence into his body, making his eyes the color they are. He harnesses this ice magic whenever he is threatened or angered. Forming weapons, such as a katana, a spear, and a magical staff.

He travels a lot, and is searching for answers to his scar, and his father. Finding leads in towns that his dad, and his mom worked in and traveled too.