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Hannah Who??? i get bored and i get on the computer while im on the computer i think of really randome things so if you wanna read be my guest but u might not understand uless ur odd like ME <3

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So hello everyone(: i havn't wrote in a long time, but that's because nothing's been goin on in my life. Well there's this kid who... Nope, but i think i rememb.....no that's no it. OH YEAH! I have to tell you about my Lady Gaga dream.
Well, it started out in the parking lot of my old school and phil rodo, one of my swim team buddies falls out of a truck, so we walk home. Whenwe get "home" we are at the church that is beside my old school. We walk in and Lady Gaga was sitting at the table. I must have been playing too many video games or something, but one of the green globs from the legend of zelda was pooring tea with oven mits. After that, i was in the kitchen, i have no clue how i got there, when my step mom came in flailing her arms and screaming, " Lady Gaga TOUCHED THE LEMONADE!!!" her eyez poped out of her head at one point in the dream, i dont know where, buti went over to the refridgerator and saw an "x" on the jug of lemonade. Then j woke up. I then got out of bed and into the refridgerator i looked at the jug, and there was an "x" on it where Lady Gaga touched it in my dream.

So, just thought you'd like that story. If you did, leave a comment, if you didnt, leave a comment. HELL, just leave a comment for fun hahaha

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