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My journal? i write down stuff that happens to me...

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My first high experience
Alright bitches this is a story about the first time I was high. And I don't edit s**t...

It all started on a warm day in central Pennsylvania. I was chillin with my girlfriend and some other b***h. My friend called my a** up and was like "Yo dawg, I got that K3 s**t , chu wanna get high?". I was like "Aight *****, We'll be at yo house".

Wait no ******** was a different time. Alright the real first time was a hot a** day in central PA. I was walkin down the street, and I got a text. "Hey i got sum k3". I answered that mutha phuckah "K meet were". Sent that text and he replied, and we met up at the Sunoco. He pulled that s**t out. It was a bag of spice(shitty fake weed that will make your a** sick as hell) It had a huge yellow cobra with some sick lettering "Golden Cobra".

After some long a** walking, and a pepsi. I folded that s**t and made a soda pipe and we smoked that s**t.

Alright, we were sitting on top of a log over a small a** stream, smokin dat s**t. We both felt weird as hell. We were blazed we started walking around, and we found a drop off in the bank. It was like a 5 inch deep hole, and we kept walking over and stumbling. We kept laughing and thinking it was a magic spot lol...

Anyways, after us being high it ended up in a rock throwing contest with the target 10 feet away, and it took us about 15 minutes to actually hit the target.

We had a bunch of fun high times, sobered up and went home to go the ******** to sleep lol. It was all in all fun, and we smoked spice a bunch more times until my friend puked 4 times and passed out. Soo uhh the lesson is:
Dont smoke spice niggers(k2/k3)


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