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The Gamer Life smile
Feathers by Me :)
Curtis had always been afraid of birds. Whether it was the fluttering of their wings or those dreams he would have...

The cave was dark and wet as Afriel and Curtis walked. They had been walking for days after they had seen the news. “ Weird things”, the news reporter said, “ different things happening each time in that cave”. Afriel and Curtis were drawn in by this sentence. They were a couple of no-good teenagers, but also they were eager to get to the bottom of things.

“Come on hurry up Curtis, the sooner we find our proof, the sooner we can get out of this damp old cave” Afriel exclaimed impatiently, pulling herself up the next rock that got in her way. “Can’t we do this another time, we have no reception, my mum is trying to call me, and I still think this is dangerous”, Curtis replied with a worried voice. Afriel and Curtis stopped at a point of darkness. They could feel the last tiny bit of the breeze from the entry they had come from. “So this is where the last person died, right in that spot” she said hesitantly, grabbing her bag from on her back and unzipping it. “Lets get some sleep before we investigate”. Curtis rolled out his sleeping bag and cuddled himself into his pillow, exhausted and slightly anxious.

Curtis was woken by a light and soft feather falling on his cheek. “Afriel? Afffrrriiiieeeell?” he called nervously. He looked towards her sleeping bag noticing that it was still warm, which meant she hadn’t left that long ago. He sat there, thinking if he should stay there or look for her.

Afriel woke up to the sound of Curtis calling. She scrambled out of her sleeping bag. She glanced over at Curtis’s sleeping bag, the emptiness of his hard bed made her heart race. She grabbed her torch, shining it around quickly, thinking about where he may have gone.

Curtis reached for his torch, thinking she had wondered into the dark section, he walked forward shining his light where it was too dark. Finally he bumped into something, he ran his damp fingers across it, and finally shone his light on it.

“A mirror?” Afriel murmured looking into it from her own angle “obviously Curtis couldn’t have gone through here”. She took a step back getting a better view of it, studying the cracks and bumps in it. As she looked over the mirror she noticed there were feathers scattered at the base of it.

Curtis looked into the mirror, squinting ever so tightly trying to see into it. Suddenly he saw something “Afriel?” he looked behind him, nothing was there. He looked into the mirror to get a better view of her.

At the sound of Curtis’s voice Afriel jumped. She saw a slight shape in the mirror. “Why can I see him through this mirror, but he’s not with me right now?” She wondered out aloud.

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