Hannah's Key ;; As it would seem Hannah's old master gave her the Key. The Key that Hannah uses to unlock everything. In Hannah's hands the Key turns larger version of itself. She uses the Key Rod, as Kel so loving named it, too defend herself or whack people over the head with it.

Nick‘s Coat ;; Nick's two colored coat was given to him by his mother. The coat is about as hard as any steel armor that could be made.

Gems of Leumeria ;; The Gems of Leumeria are said to be made from the blood of the Divine. Each one having a different effect to the holder of the Gem. In total there ten gems.

Gawain‘s Necklace ;; The necklace around Gawain’s neck bears a small yellow gem. Only he knows what it does, and he really doesn’t like to talk about it for some reason.