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New York City Life

Chapter 1

My name is Paul, Paul J. Carter. I come from New York City. I had a great life.

Three siblings, two brothers, Dean and Will, and one beautiful little sister, Emma.

My parents were great. My dad was a tall, lean man, hair slicked back, he had

the style. And my mom, she was gorgeous. The best parents anyone could ever

wish for. It was 1956. Great year, everyone loved baseball, including me.

My mom and dad went out, it was their 20th aniversery night and my dad wanted

to treat my mum to something nice. Now, we weren't no rich family, this was the

first time they were going out in at least seven years. Before they left they

told me to put my brothers and sister to bed by 9:00 p.m and said they'd be home

by midnight. They hugged me tightly and they were off. After they left, my

brothers, sister, and I had planed to play some games before they had to hit the


So we decided to play hide and seek. My little sister was the best at that,

probably because she was so tiny and she can fit in the most tiny of places. So

we played that until the clock had struck about 8:30 p.m and I told them to go get

into their pajamas and brush their teeth. After I put them to bed, I sat on the chair

closest to the door waiting for mom and dad to

come so they can tell me the stories of what had happened on their special night.

Waiting and waiting. Anxious for my parents to come. Eventually, I got bored so

I started tossing the baseball in the air and catching it with the mit. I always

wanted to be a baseball player. It was my dream. Everyone cheerin` for me. Yeah,

that'd be the life. I'd be able to buy a new place for my family, get something they

deserve. And I fell asleep, thinking of that.

Chapter 2

When I woke up, I had a blanket over me. So I knew they were home. I hoped

up out of the chair and I slid with my dirty socks against the wooden floor. I

started to hear some talking, when I walked towards it the voices sounded like my

mom and dad. And the talking turned into yelling. "..what about the kids" my mom

said. "..we need to get out of here now" my dad said. That's when I stopped

listening and I walked into the kitchen where they were. They looked at me, and

they managed a fake, wide smile across their faces.

"Mornin`" ,my old man said, smiling looking down at me. Then I looked at my

mom, and I could tell she been crying. I looked back at him and said, "What about

us? What do you mean we need to get out of here." I can remember the exact

face my dad made at me as he pulled a chair from out under the table and sat.

Looking in my eyes, I could smell the fear he had on him, strong scent.. Or

maybe that was just B.O. I knew I smelled something though and I knew it wasn't


"Son," he started with a stern voice, "this town ain't good for us anymore.." I

looked at him, confused. "What you mean?" I said, I had no idea what that meant.

"We need to move, and find a better place. We're gonna move in with your Aunt

Marty." The name "Aunt Marty" always made me wanna throw up. That so called

"woman". She hadn't had a lover in more than 30 years. If you saw her, you'd know

exactly why. That woman sweats enough to quench the whole city and more. It

seems that she needs to shave her face twice a day or she'll grow a beard down to

her toes. Her breath smells like corpses, she eats raw onions a lot. She says she

needs to loose weight, so instead of eating 3 boxes of hoe-hoes everyday, she

eats 3 boxes of twinkie's, since there's a 30 calorie difference. I just knew that if

my dad said we have to move in with Marty, it must be serious.

Chapter 3


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