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LunaKena's Stuff? Um this is just like random stuff... I might put up stories.... Imight put up my emotions.... lol idk XD

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αηgєℓѕ, ∂ємσηѕ, αη∂ ƒαℓℓєη αηgєℓѕ

Note: Because I, personally, don't have a religion (I can be considered Atheist, but I really just don't care for it), I made it where it's like the Greek Gods or something. Like the Angels are given commands by the "good" Gods (Zeus, Poseidon, Athena, ect..) while Demons are commanded by Hades himself. I'm best with the Greek Gods then any other religion, so yea... Hehe...


history of the angels
Angels, like all living things, were created by the Greek Gods. It's said they were made by the clouds, blood of all the Gods (minus Hades), and blood of a Pure Human, though no one knows how true that is. At first, the Gods didn't think they needed any help, seeing as the Humans were doing perfectly fine on their own, but they rethought this for many reasons. One, Humans were becoming too greedy and selfish, traits that no Human should have for they were created by the Gods. The Humans needed someone, unknown to their eyes, to help them along with life, pushing them in the right direction rather then in the wrong like they were doing. The second reasons were because of the Pure Humans. Pure Humans are quite rare, quite wanted, and almost always killed by the demons. The Gods were furious that Hades, creator of the demons, would let those beings kill the few Pure Humans that walked the Earth, and decided to fight back. Which created the Angels. In order to make them be able to protect the Humans secretly, the Gods made them have a Human Form rather then how Hades made the demons. Though, for the Angels to be able to come back to the Heavens, the Gods created beautiful white wings that are 'hidden' from the Human eye. Only Pure Humans are able to see through an Angels Mask.
At first, their was only The Council, the very first Angels ever to be formed. They were the ones to get direct orders from the Gods, whether it was Zeus or Ares, and carried them out themselves, though it was very tiring and a bit of a mess. Zeus, the King of the Skies, saw this and, after talking to the rest of the Gods, made more Angels that were able to reproduce, like the Humans but purer. Ever since then, the Heavens have been running much smoother, with only a few problems here and there. Consisting mostly of Angels that will soon become Fallen Angels, but that's a different story.
The Council is still the top of the Angels, the ones that were the purest of the pure. The ones that are close to being on top are the Angels that protect the Pure Humans, or just known as Protectors. They make sure that their Human isn't tainted by the other Humans nor stripped from the pureness by the Demons. Next are the Messengers and the Warriors. Messengers are the ones that are able to go to the Underworld, also known as Hell, and speak to Hades, along with being able to get out alive. Warriors are just that, warriors. They protect the Angels and fight wars that might break out between themselves and the Demons. The rest of the Angels are the ones that lead the Humans in the right direction. They do so by bending their element to their will, making it seem like the Humans are seeing signs to do something. All Angels are important and all are needed, the Gods very proud that they created something so pure.

powers of the angels
Note: All Angels have these powers, though some are more powerful then others, all depending on their 'rank'. Though it is said that The Council is the strongest Angel, it is actually the Protectors that are the strongest.
Aura : Being able to read Aura's is something every Angel is able to do, no matter how weak they are. An Aura is 1.) An invisible breath, emanation, or radiation 2.) A distinctive but intangible quality that seems to surround a person or thing; atmosphere. They are both right, in a way. Every Human, Demon, Fallen Angel, and Angel has an Aura, even the Gods have Auras. They surround the object with many different colors, from a radiating green to a dark, midnight blue. An Aura, depending on the strength of the Angel, can let one tell if someone is lying to the actual thoughts they are having. Most Angels are only able to tell if someone is lying and their emotions, not having enough power in order to be able to actually tell. The only ones that have the power to go deeper are the Protectors. They are strong enough to be able to see the person past and thoughts, emotions, and their lying skills. Protectors are even able to change their own Aura, a very hard thing to do. The Council is only powerful enough to see the objects emotions, whether their lying, and their current thoughts. It just shows that the Protectors should be on top, though they stay where they are.

Flying : Every Angel is able to fly, whether they are younger then five or older then one thousand (Angel's are able to live until they want to die or are killed), and they can do so quite fast. At a certain age, an Angel is able to go as fast as the speed of light when they are trying, though they usually injure themselves by doing so. The Angel's body is able to withstand much more then a Human and most Demons, but they can still get cutup while flying so fast. All Angels are able to go as fast as they want, none is more powerful then the other, though some Angels may be able to fly faster and longer then others. That all depends on how they handle pain.

Light : Being created by the "good" Gods, Angels are able to control the light to their wants and needs. With light, Angels are able to make weapons like a whip or bow&arrows, to healing others. Most Angels use light to find things, like people. They do so like a Human would do with a search dog. Put scent of the object to the light for it to 'smell' and let the light go, watching it zoom to a certain place. It comes in quite a lot of handy. Warriors and Angels to protect themselves only use light to make dark places become lit up and use it as a weapon, as started above. Light can become a deadly weapon or can protect someone.

Elements : Each Angel is able to use at least one element of the world. Let it be fire, metal, or water, they are able to use it just like light. Though, it takes quite a bit more energy when using the Elements. In order to use to elements as a weapon, Angels have to use certain moves to be able to control it (Think of Avatar: The Last Airbender). The only element that is able to heal, other then light of course, is water. For light, you have to have a canteen or something holding the light, while for the elements an Angel can just make it appear out of thin air. Though, each element as it's weakness. All Angels are able to use one Element and Light, while Protectors are able to use up to three Elements and Light. The Council, though, prevails by being able to use almost all the elements. (They have certain ones like if they are able to use water, they can't use fire, but they are able to use air and lightening. It's the other way around except they can use fire, not water, air or lightening, but they can use earth and metal)


history of the demons
Surprisingly enough, Demons were made way before Angels were even thought about. They were made by Hades and what he was able to 'steal'. Demons are supposedly made of the darkness, those blood thirsty murders in the world, and Hades blood. It's also said that Hades had stolen blood from the other two great Gods, Zeus and Poseidon, though that is unknown. Hades created Demons for his own personal games, having felt lonely in the Underworld (though he'd never admit it) and wanting someone, something, to help him deal with the ghosts that pass through. Being that the Demons are made of pure evil and hatred, not much is known about the Demons, for there are too many in the world to count. There are only a few Demons that are in the history, Humans 'made them up' though they were true, but that wasn't even a fraction of it.
The main thing that the Gods noticed, having not cared otherwise, was that the Demons would always go after the Pure Humans. It's said that Demons fed off of hatred, evil, sadness, anything that could weaken someone, so it surprised the Gods, even Hades, when a Demon sucked the soul from a Pure Human. What surprised everyone more was how powerful the Demon became, almost as strong as an Angel Protector (who is quite powerful), maybe even stronger. Demons soon realized that Pure Humans did so much more the hatred and those types of emotions. Soon, every Demon was trying to go after a Pure Human, which lead to the creation of Angels

powers of the demons
To make this short and sweet, demons can be pretty much anything. From Vampires to Goblins, anything that isn't Human, God, Angel/Fallen is categorized as Demon. Not all Demons are evil, though most of them are, they are just known as Demons. There are many subcategories, all depending on the powers, but they are still considered Demons. Thinking of something? It's a Demon.


the fallen angels
Fallen Angels are exactly like Angels, except they have pure black wings rather then a beautiful white. They come from the same system, they were Angels at one point, and they still are Angels except they walk the Earth like Humans. The main reason why Angels would become Fallen is because they did something that could never be fixed, like murder. No one can bring back another except the person that killed them was willing to give their life in exchange, which wouldn't happen.
Some examples are murder, rape, and anything horrid. Another example, not too bad, is a Protector falling for their Pure Human. They can usually fix this, The Council, but the Protector refuses to do as they say and become a Fallen Angel. Another example, one that will get someone automatically Fallen, is falling in love with the same gender. It could be anyone, another Angel and even a Demon, but The Council refuses it to be done. The Gods don't mind, love is love, but The Council is a b***h and won't aloud it.
Depending on how powerful the Angel is, Fallen Angels could either have all their powers, the only thing tainted being their wings, or have only a bit of juice left. A messenger, for example, will still be able to slip through things and out of things without getting caught, since it was their specialty. However, they won't be able to see Aura's as good as they use to, not having to use it. The two Angels that are able to have all their powers when becoming Fallen are The Council and Protectors.

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