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Hot Ones
Well im a sophmore, i look pretty ok, guys (Mainly creeps) Keep trying (TRYING!!!) to talk to me. *shivers* uh.... creeps.... there just plain, well, creepy.(Smooth wording right? Creeps are indeed creepy) But I still manage to reel in the hot ones.
P: So I have a 5 min walk.
V: Really? I have like... I dunno, an hour to two hour walk?
Y: *Was about to say something*
V: The weathers real nice right now, perfect for walking, not to hot, not to cold.
Me and Person 1 said our goodbyes and I said see yeah to Yesman.
Y: *calls out* I can't let you walk back alone.
I turn around. V: Why not?
I didn't let him time to answer, I walked back. V: So, your gunna give me a ride?
Y: Yeah
P:Wait you have a jeep right?
Y: Yeah
P: Oh I have to see this
We walked to the car where Person 1 went right to the passenger seat, and I followed Yesman, who opened the back door for me, before opening his door. Person 1 got in the front seat.
Y: Uh, I can only take 1 person in the car.
P: Don't worry, I look older, they won't even ask me for ID.
V: Yeah! She can pass as 56!
Y: Ok.
Yesman drove Person 1 back to her house first. He was playing a beatles Cd in the background. I could see both his eyes and his mouth in the mirror. Hes such a good driver, didn't break the law.
When I got into the frount seat. He turned off the heater. I guess he thought it was hot enough. Then one of the songs ended. He seemed not to like it very much do to the fact that he skipped it. He pulled out and back onto the road. He sipped another track.
V: My house is by hte taco bell.
Y: Ok, Imma take the 206 for now.
V: K
He skipped yet another song. And another, he finally left it at the song "I wanna hold you hand" By: The Beatles. The lyrics are nice. We talked about bunch of things, but most of the time, we were just listening to the music. We talked about stuff like the movie Yesman... where my house was located... It was a nice ride. His car smells nice, it smells like him.
So he was pretty sniffly. He was sick on friday with a sore throat, and yet he called me on the phone and sed his precious little voice just to talk to me on Friday. Not to mention, he watced his movie and came to the chinese restaurant with me. I must of been somewhat on his mind all weekend. You know, while he was watching Yesman, a movie I wanted him to see. While he was talking on the phone, with me. While he was deciding that he was going to come to China Moon, with me. While he was watching the movie, twice. Well, maybe I wasn't really on his mind all that much, but I can dream can't I?

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