I'm glad we talked. Really.
I wanted to stay on the phone all night like we used to, but I forgot, we're just friends, and you have a girlfriend. She outranks me.

When I listen to "Sleepwalker," I think of you. Every damned time.
I don't even think of Ari to that extent anymore.

I still have some strange feelings for you.
I even thought about offering up a threesome.. But you and your girl are total lesbians, so never mind.
I miss you.
I want to hear from you. It's been years. And I think I had your number, once, but some guy texted me from it and kinda had me backing off.

I think of sex when I think of you. And friendship. But mostly sex.
You confuse me.
You say you hate me, but use the "what if we were together.." example when I say I'm giving up on or tired of, but powerless to fix, things.
I still think of you as my mate, but in UK terms.
Sure, sex might happen, but I'm not gonna force it.