I have several other characters, but I'll put these two up for now. ^ ^

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Michan Starfire (Gaia Avatar)

Player: Michan Starfire
Name: Michan Starfire
Age: Appears between 18 and mid-twenties
Gender: Female and proud, thank you! <3
Sexual Preference: Biromantic/Bisexual
Dominant/Submissive/Both: Prefers to be submissive, but sometimes she can't help herself when it comes to taking care of her partner. Very feminine, but also very capable and brave.
Appearance: Tall, Curvy, Full-figured, Busty, a little on the "Fluffy" side, blue eyes, cotton-candy pink curly hair. Cute, comforting, warm, lovely, and nonthreatening in spite of her size.
Race: Celestial Catgirl (In the Gaia universe, think 1/2 Angel Imp, 1/2 Hiki Island Cat)
Personality: Sweet, silly, caring, big sister/mommy-like, sensitive, intelligent, huge imagination, a big kid at times, creative, compassionate, and loving. She's soft both on the outside and on the inside and hates confrontation. However, woe betide anyone who behaves like a bully in front of this guardian angel. She's an excellent healer, a loyal friend, and a great cuddler.

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Ember Wildfire
Player: Michan Starfire
Name: Ember Wildfire
Age: 17-19 (Depending on the roleplay)
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Lesbian
Dominant/Submissive/Both: She'd like to think she's dominant, but she'll turn into a puddle of goo if her girlfriend gives her puppy eyes. She'll never be a bully, but she'll be protective.
Appearance: Tall, muscular, slightly busty, lightly tanned, bright blue eyes, choppy red hair (short), wolfish features, scars on her knees, knuckles and elbows from skateboard accidents. Prefers to wear a combination of skater and raver style clothing, mostly tank tops and tripp pants.
Race: Depending on the RP theme, Human, Fire Spirit, Kitsune, or Human with pyrokenetic abilities.
Personality: Happy, Tomboysish, daredevilish, bouncy, joyful, wild, affectionate, kind of ditzy, not too bright, loyal, mischevious, playful, protective, frisky, loving, surprisingly shy around crushes. Loves skateboarding, sketching, setting things on fire, eating, and sleeping. Is slow on the uptake when it comes to romance, but if she ever found a special lady worth her time, she'd be the most affectionate, loyal, doting, and fiercely protective girlfriend ever.

If anyone is interested, I am up for fluffy RPs and lots of cute romance, but while I don't mind roleplaying lovemaking scenes, I am not here strictly for smut, and will not roleplay sexual acts with a user I know to be underaged. Thank you! <3