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Loup-garou and Warriors
This is about what a loup-garou is and what a Warrior is. Stuff you can do as both or either, so enjoy!
Christmas with the pack
Christmas with the pack

Sounds fun right? Guess again, sometimes it can be hectic. You know how men sometimes give silver to their girlies for Christmas presents? Well now with loup-garou that ain't the best idea I've ever heard. Sure we hang up stockings, sure we wrap gifts. Heck I gave $90.00 to adopt-a-family for my Honors History class because I love to give all the time <33 But there are some bad parts about a loup-garou Christmas, especially with the pack. Don't get them drunk, that's all I gotta say. Their body system..is well a bit different from humans. They get more tipsy after one drink them humans do and will spill stuff that they don't need to. In the winter we thank Artemis, our mother(goddess of moon and hunting), for the deep snow and run about like maniacs the instant the sun goes down at like what..5pm? So most of the time we'll avoid the egg nog, although dear LightEye and Takehaya can't help to take a few cups. That usually winds up with me and Sameera lugging them home smelling cinammon on their breath. Another mildly funny thing about loup-garou at Christmas time is the children. Ohhhh the sweet little puppies! They try and find Santa coming down the chimney by hiding in the stockings in their wolf pup forms. I usually give Takehaya a light nuzzle and persuade him to put on a Santa suit, stuff his stomach with pillows, and go down the chimney at midnight. If I'm up, which I usually am, I'll sit down there and hear rustling in the stockings. He'll come down the chimney and they'll leap out of the stockings spilling sweets and bark, leaping onto him and licking his face. I'll pretend to act surprised and faint, making him catch me. After he puts the real presents under the tree, he'll leap up the chimney as far as he can and grab onto a rope that Daniel will be holding at the top. I don't remember how many times I'll have to curl up to keep from laughing. The little ones will go outside and cry that he left the cookies and milk. I'll follow in my robe and watch as the lit up fake reindeer look almost like real ones. Takehaya will go down near the end of the roof that I could easily reach from my porch and bend down. I'll hand him the cookies and milk before he scampers off. After shooing the little ones to bed, I'll go outside and wait for him to climb down the ladder and hand me the empty plate and cup before taking off the costume and bursting out laughing. After all these years they still haven't caught him, luckily for me. In the morning we'll all come down and eat cinammon rolls while opening presents. I love spending the holidays with them, it's always so fun. 2 weeks(until January 4th) of break, oh yeah!

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