Just a Dream
I walk in though a open door when I walk through I fall but like a cat I land on my feet when I look around I`m not even sure that I`m alive. when I look around I see black with a blue and purple fog and all I hear is what em I doing here. is it to help some one else or do I do something great. I see a glow I go to it as if it was my answer. but before I get my hands on it I wake up. but then I have a smile on my face.

what does it mean???????????

Just a Dream 2

You open your eyes and see the hottest or the person u want to b with, but can never get your chance to talk to or haven`t met yet. Ur with your only "love" He/she is far away u run to them but the closer u get to the person the ugly they get. Thinking that it is only your eyes and a little voice tell u to keep going this is what u want so u keep going the keep getting uglier, tell your rite in front of them. You look be hide u for something better and see that your best friend has been with u the whole time, still looking great and your best friend has been the voice that has kept u going. U look back at your "love" and He/she acts like a jerk and u wish u never came and stay u stay alone(your friend is with u trying to on the bright side) but u don`t care. U push your friend away tell he/she gives up and goes way then think there where helping trying to make everything rite again. The shock of this thinking this is real u wake in the middle of the night knowing that your "love" is your best friend.

just a dream 3
A man wakes up (lets call him Tom) Tom wakes up and put puts bread in the toaster then grabs some butter and a knife. The toast pops up and scares him so that he drop the butter and knife. The butter lands on the floor but the knife lands in his foot. No pain. Tom wiggles it and pulls it out. Still no pain. He has to know if this is real so he does it a few more times then to make sure he goes to the top of a random 8th story building and jumps off it. He quickly gets back up and there no pain. Tom calls up his friend, " Come over now!!! There something so cool I have to show you!!! " Two mins later his girl friend calls up and breaks up with him. When Toms friend walks in he sees Tom laying on the floor dead with the phone in his hand.

What does it mean??????????

Just a Dream 4
Your driving down a road. There`s are no sighs, nothing but desert. Your as happy as you can be. Along the road u see a dot. The closer u get the clearer it gets. The dot is a person with hard ships. You are too happy to notice. You keep going and more and more of these bad feelings are on the side of the roads. Then you swerve off the road and crash. You sit on the side of the road and sit. Looking back you see that was all your back there u see that was all your feelings. Then you watch another feeling go bye only this one is happy in a car like u where.

What Does it Mean??????????

Just a Dream 5
You are in a deep pit. Birds come down and pick you and another friend up and out. The birds come back down to get your other friend. You look over and see that the birds can pull him out. You tell him to try and clime out but he can`t get a grip. You reach to try and pull your friend up but your friend can`t reach. You and your friend that is out of the whole walk away leaving your friend that is in the hole there forever.
What Does it Mean??????????

Just a Dream 6
You find yourself in the ocean swim, but you cant swim. You find yourself in the ocean sinking. You see something move hoping its person u attempt grab it. As you start to reach for it, it grabs your hand in its mouth and pulls u down fast. It lets u go. You look up and see no hope of swimming back up. Your ascertain that there is no hope. You look behind u and a person has come up. They offer u help but once u look at there face and its your enemy. You polity there down there help and you end up dying but you die satisfied.

What does it mean?
Just a Dream 7
You are running. You don't know why you`re running. You look around you observe that you are not winning or losing. Everyone around u is running and there seems to be no end. You trip and fall. Everyone runs past you u quicky get up and run to catch up. Another person fall not u this time. You look at them as u run bye but they don't bother the get up and slowly disappear.

What does it mean?

Just a Dream 8
You are in a white cloud and you see a row of white doves. They all look alike expect the middle one it's a little shorter and there are hints of yellow feathers. You go to gently and slowly pet the top of its head. You all most touch it then it bite u as hard as it can. You step back and run bu t it only follows and pecks u more. You wack it a way and it clams down. You sit down and pet the other birds there all nice. When you least expect it the short bird attacks again You wack it a away and this goes on and on for an eternity.

What does it mean????????????????
Just a Dream 9
You have been dropped off in the middles of a battle ground. There are bullets flying over your head. You don't know why they`re fighting, you don't what you`re fighting for. You go with the follow and load your gun and you shoot the people in cam-o. After a while you realize they haven`t been trying to fight you back and now most of them are dead. You look down at what u are wearing . Its also cam-o. You have been killing your own men.

What does it mean?

Just a Dream 10
Your playing a fighting game nothing new nothing "wow" about it. It's a fighting game ( I don't care if u don't play games or fighting games you are now) so you die. You restart the game as always. Your smart enough to go a different way, you die. You have learned so u go a different way. Over and over this happens you just keep on going and keep on going. Your playing this game on internet your PC shuts down in the middle and you have to start from the begging a little sad you keep going and you finally win. You didn't cheat you didn't give up you took the hits and kept going. You like know everything about the game now. Only this wasn't a game it could have been love, friends or money. Just keep working for what you want even if u didn't get what you wanted you lived and found a new/different way to get what you need.
I hope you know what this means

Just a Dream 11
Your sitting on the side of the road. You see your love/crush is over some bushes blocking his view of you but u can still see him. He doesn't really know who you are but u have fallen in love with them. (You're his stalker) Your dad/mother is in the bushes hiding. They points a gun and your love/crush. They shoot but u run and take the bullet. All your love can hear is a gun shot. He will never know u saved his life. He will never know u love him. He will never know who you are.
Wht does it mean????

Just a Deram 12
I got this idea from a friend so this will still b called a dream but also known as a slave to attraction
Sitting on a park bench watching cute couples past by your jealous as always but still a little uncaring. Two more past by but then a hot guy passes by. You start to become full of weird feelings. Feels like love but you`re a little unsure. He turns around and catches u looking at his a** and winks at you. You want to faint you want to die and u want to hit on him. You pick faint but you start to think. You know nothing about this man is it love at fistst sight or are u just a slave to attraction?