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Enders' Randomness Book Of RolePlay Thingys...
Slaves of War
World War lll. Waged between The U.S. and Russia, both sides have something called 'Elites'. These Elites are trained to kill, and be killed. They don't fear death, and they are used to seeing their own killed right next to them. Not only does their training help them, but these people have nothing. Nothing to lose, nothing to gain, except the drug. Called XF0098, it is a black liquid that when injected cause heightened senses, speed, and strength. Once is all it takes, and you're addicted to this drug. Inject at the age of 12 These children are ready for war at 13. They are retired at 23. By then they're either dead or the drug has desolved their brains to a pulp. In war these elites fight other elites. Captured Elites are deprived of their drug until they swear allegiance to their captors. They are unstable, and dangerous. The U.S. has made the drug illegal and no longer creates Elites, but maintaines it's current ones. Most of them are already in their 20s. A few are 18, but no younger. The russians on the other hand, keep producing. The rest of the world follows these two, depending on who they're swore allegiance to. You are an Elite, trying to win an unwinnable war. Unstablely addicted to a drug, and emotional unsound. You specialize in one of three units; Flight, Combat, Swimming. Either you fly aircraft. Fight on the lines. Or go through the water. It's not your choice. You were evaluated as a child and given a unit. Choose a side, U.S. or Russia. Russians can't be less than 13 or older than 23. Americans can't be older 23, or younger than 18. The older your charrie, the more responsability and control over the other Elites you have. At 13 you have to act more normal, 23, totally unstable and bipolar. Inbetween is different for ages, but the older the more unstable.

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