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by me &.&
So yea...
Well right now im basically by myself sad but im talking with a friend on aim which i guess makes up for it but really doesnt. Im bleaching my hair so i acn stick blue in it tomorrow and ill look so good smile cant wait to get more fricken chemicals in my already chemically hair lol but this is all i have to say right now anyway i might comeback after i go to hell (work) and write down my hatred for the fricken manager scream

Life as it is currently....
Hey all really havent used my gaia in a looooooong time well i mean i have but i really haven't done much with my gaia. Lately ive been really addicted tot he sims 2 and my stupid a** facebook. But mostly Sims 2.
I Guess my liefe right now really really sucks.... I currently live with my boyfriend which isn't the sucky part but kina... I really love living with him but his parents dont charge me rent and i feel horrible guilty about it too. They say my rent charge is cleaning up and helping around the house and i always ask basically every day if they need help but they always say "no I got it" so yea i guess thats why its kinda bad but i really do love living with him. But the reason im living with my boyufriend at the age of 18 is because i left my house because of family problems. Don't get me wrong but i do get along with them but there are drinking and drug problems and i really really dont care for it i told them (my parents) to get help but they dont think they have any problems what so ever! So I left and they think im in the wrong for leaving they think that the main reason i left was because im 18 and i dont wanna live by their rules and that really fricken pisssed me off! Thats not why! I left because i got really upset about the crap there. The thign that made me finally leave was that my boyfriend was at my house and my parents came home from the bar and (btw i didnt graduate because of 2 classes but took them during the summer and graduated)hes all drunk (my dad) and he said i dont ever beleive youll graduate and im like thanks for your confidence in me and hes like there isnt any. he said that all infront of my boyfriend!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH! I hate him!!!!!!!!!!!!!! arg.
So right now im seeing counseling to get myself on my own 2 feet so i can move out of my boyfriends house and go to college to be a kindergarten teacher. so i want to move on with my life even though life with my parents isnt going so great.

wow havent wrote this down ever it feels very refreshing to get this crap off my chest in writing. crying

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