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stronger or broken?
life sux...then u die. its eventually a win win.
know whom you kiss
Know whom you kiss - a poem

hold me tight and dont let go.

and see me for who i am.

they say im wrong, it isnt so.

but i know im a man.

"what you see is what you get."

thats how the phrase is said.

for me those limits are not met.

and it pounds within my head.

to see the ones who I love so dear

reject my way of life,

that is something I no longer fear

but it still fills my heart with strife.

so when you say you love me for me

please remember this.

a woman may be whom you see.

but a MAN is what you kiss.

- Jay Sutego

Vampyre moon
a gentile wind billows through my hair

with the smell of the towering pines

that glows above from the sky so high

through the trees the light doth shine

a howling in the distance crys my name

and i turn to follow the call

flying through the air on a moonlight beam

with a swiftness to shame all

my tainted fingers reach out for the shadow

that haunts the ground below

i fall in your arms in a shimmering light

and bathe you in my flourescent glow

the glimmer of teeth and metallic taste

your raking claws aginst pale skin

fill my mind with the thought of you

the rumble of your voice draws me in

the lust for blood, desire and love

quenched by our becoming one

two screams in the night, the moon bursts to flame

shining brighter than the sun

silence once more, Luna glows once again

two creatures embrace, nothing said

those far off gaze up and wonder

why the moon glows crimson red

- Jay Sutego

elements of argument
the rage is despersed,not dead and gone, but laid to rest like all things past that hurt seems to sprout from. the roots have rotted away, wattered to the point of drowning by the feeding to foo much thought. that happens far too often, but not quite as often as when thorny brush grows from the fermanted remains. the briars are like thier actions, sticking to my heart, tearing away at it...but i cant feel the pain, because it has been trapped and nubled by thier fingers, clutching to it like a child to its comfort bear.

but the rest of be trickles from between the spaces of thier hand,like water inching its way through a forrest ablaze with inferno. i flow from thier grasp; my mind and body no longer slaves to thier subconsious manipulations. tragedy has befallen them, but my heart has bled what it can. for even oceans have limits, boarders, coasts it canot wash over, lines it cannot cross.

and with these limits, i can now declair my freedom. my need for an opposite attracts them, but although fire and water can make amazing steam, life has now begun to boil over. the flames of anger have provoked evaporation. i am floating above thier petty arguments and futile fights and as long as they burn below me, i will not come back down.

i could rain on thier parade, thier endless bickering and nagging. i could also smash a masterpeice to smitherines. they are them, she is she, he is he and nothing can change that, just as none can bring me down as they have so meraculously accomplished doing. so i take charge now. i will not fight this wildfire. such beauty deserves to go on, but i can no longer attempt to tame the wild, snarling beast that is this.

so let all of you fevers rage, fan your flames, burn down every rooted tree who tries to befreind you. someday you will loose kindling, burn out, and new life will spring forth from where you once caused destruction.

i hope to see that day.

a match in me. a letter of deliah and zella
Thou foul succubis.

thou belial in thine own shadow

your carnage of chocolate may spill decidantly

like roses and wine

but such has litle strength over my person.

and to think i once saw crimson for white

pondering tongues spoken betwixt were perhapse sweet

suculant like the dragon fruit.

But be they dragons as dragons will be,

and you are but a she-devil

whom commands such beasts within the soul

of cerulean, aquamarine and royal skies.

As was Ragnarok for my emerald fair

and emerald fair grows grass greener than any other

so shal be armaggeddon for yuou.

he saw me crying in the window of my own depth

a bottomless pit of writhing maggotry

tunnel vision burdened be

by the heart soul and subtile energies of the world beyond my memory

from death by steel and turquois oceans to forrests of serpentine

and in that moment

i saw blood red

but what of blood is as satisfying as the life it sustains.

the heartbeat shared in one body between two souls suddenly


the window opened to the light and i saw you

and darkess as darkness does, consumed the first miracle of god

and wrapped fates lithe malliable form in a shroud of protection

swallowing his own yang, casting out thou beelzebub

and assumed his rightful place.

the single heartbeat sinchronizes by nature to the first grasping spirit.

but what of more tangiable things?

you shant meed them as you float amongst us

but a drowning man, sinking in a bottomless ocean

the trixter has not tricked his last.

but he has found his match in me.

Sang Noir de la Vigne
Community Member
Sang Noir de la Vigne
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