I though it would be nice to let my friens know where I go if I am not being online for the next two weeks how I usually are. *cough* neeerd
I am leaving to the cottage with my family and will be there 2 weeks at least. I hope we leave sooner though... We are gonna take the laptop there and a little internet thingie BUT I doubt that it will work there. The house is in the woods middle of nowhere. So yeah if you start wondering where this girl is at don't worry I am alive. If the wild animals doesn't eat me. =D

Ahhahhha and yeah when I get back I will try to draw like REALLY. Someone kick my a** and put me to draw like DRAW DAMN IT GIRL >___>

Anyways I hope you everyone have a great 2 weeks now and have fun, chill and joy. love to everyone 8D *jumps and throws flowers around in field with rainbows*

Byebyeeeeeeeeee I will miss you all and feel free to comment or PM me if internet doesn't work ;D