People do not listen. They speak, speak, speak, but never do they actually open up their ears. They believe that to "listen" simply means to hear, but it does NOT! To listen means to open not only your ears, but your mind. You must understand who it is you are speaking to, you must understand why they say these things, what their rationality is. You must accept this as THEIR truth.

Truth is only truth to yourself!

But do people honestly care about my words? No, they do not. Instead they ignore, preferring to believe in their own words. I try to help them, I really do, but they'd rather speak, speak, and speak some more. Repetition, repetition, repetition! NO CHANGE! NOT EVER!

This is why we fight, why we hurt others, why we cannot get along! If we open our minds, accept who people are by listening to them, then we would not hate, we would not fight, we would be a happy race! BUT NO! THIS CANNOT HAPPEN! Why? BECAUSE NOBODY IS WILLING TO LISTEN!!!!!!