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Escape Velocity

Kostbarer Alptraum
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The Real Story Behind The Emoticons
Gaia: biggrin Hi everyone!, like this new site?
New users: smile not bad
New users: ... Can we cyber? redface
Gaia: No! stare
Users: crying PLEASE?!
Gaia: Lol, no. xd
Users: ok 3nodding *uses IMs and PMs*
Several months later.....
Gaia: Look! we brought out new donation items!
Users: Awsome...wait...What?! This sucks gonk
Gaia: TAKE IT AND BE HAPPY! scream
Users: fine! stressed
Months later....
Gaia: hey guys, we are having some problems with the sushi server sweatdrop
Users: Its cool heart
Gaia: *trying* domokun
Users: Done yet...? xp
Gaia: Haha, nooo! whee
Users: We can't change our avis sad
Gaia: Almost done..... wink
Users: Fekking awsome surprised
a week later....
Gaia: Guys, we are going to kill the sushi server confused
Users: WHA?! mad mad
Gaia: God, I didn't you guys would over react eek
Users: whee sorry!
Gaia: its cool cool
Several (amount of time) later
Gaia: Happy April Fools Day, biatch! lol
Users: Awsome! PRESENTS! razz
Gaia: Yes...normal presnents twisted
Users: *opens presents* AH! WTF?! cry
Gaia: Stop being a b***h about it rolleyes
Users: Our avis are ruined evil *goes to save avi changes* exclaim cool
Gaia: yeah, the ink is gone when you save. We cool now? question
Several weeks later...
Users: idea *combines items* Holy shizz! WE ARE NAKIE! NAKIE GLITCH!
Gaia: Stop that! gonk
Users: LOLOL *streaks* mrgreen
Gaia: Stop, please? neutral
Users: LOL! NO! 4laugh
Gaia: Fine... ninja *secretly saves everyones avis*
Users: NOTCOOL! burning_eyes
Gaia: Thats what you get, biatch! rofl
Users: w/e! talk2hand
Weeks later...
Gaia: Hey guys, look! towns alpha *explians* pirate
Users: heart AWSOME!
Weeks later...
Gaia: We have a new site lay-out!
Users: Its confusing emo
Gaia: Stop bitching cheese_whine
Users: And its got flash! Its sloooow sad
Gaia: I have 3 things to say to you, cheese_whine , wahmbulance
8== dramallama

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