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England's wonderful-amazing-splendid journal of occurences
It's where I keep record of daily objectives, occurrences, etc.
The real about me.
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Name - [Will be known only to close familiars]

Gender - Male.

Ethnicity - Asian. ( Japanese. )

Height - 6'0

Weight - Haven't weighed myself in a while since last time.

Hair Color - Black

Eye Color - Black (Dark brown in the sunlight. )

Skin - Pale

Birthday - May 16th. (Not the most dreary month which I would much rather prefer.)

Occupation - Student.

Personality - Timid, quiet, hardworking, somewhat pessimistic, sensitive, curious, serious, efficient, possibly a neat freak, nonchalant, and somewhat apathetic.

Hobbies - Playing Tennis, A little bit of drawing, watching horror movies, reading novels, going online, A little bit of video games, and listening to music.

Favorites -

Anime / / manga :

-Hetalia: Axis Powers
-Full Metal Alchemist
-D Grayman
-Katekyo hitman reborn.
-Neon Genesis Evangelion
-Code Geass

Food - Rice, Soy milk, Ramen, Vegetables, Fruits, Miso Soup, Salmon and various others.

Please notice this:
I am tired of getting Pms that I cannot even read. In other words, it is written in chatspeak,(Lol, u, omg ) which I cannot even read at all. If you are too lazy to type me up a clear, coherent message, then do not even bother to speak to me at all, for I will disregard it. I am tired of sitting in front of the computer for half an hour, trying to decipher your message to me. Please try to spell, I do not mind mistakes at all, but please actually make it comprehensible. Thank you.

For those of you thinking I am trying to be mean, you are wrong. I am merely trying to make my experience here on Gaia more convenient. Arigato Gozaimasu. ありがとうございます .

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More about me:

-My favorite flowers are the Cherry Blossom and the Chrysanthemum. I have them planted in my backyard.

-I cannot read 75 percent of the chat speak sent to me.

-I am Christian. Specifically Catholic and if you cannot accept that then you and I will probably not get along.

-I am able to maintain an almost frowning facial expression in public.

-I am quite anti-social. I do not go outside very often except for educational purposes, tennis, or to go shopping.

-I enjoy my reclusive lifestyle.

-I am interested in subjects such as mathematics, science, and history.(Specifically WWII + renaissance.)

-I prefer to check my spelling before submitting. I even do so in towns.

-I play video games.

-I do not consider myself an Otaku since most of what I do inside most of the time is not anime related.

-I play violin and piano.

-I prefer cloudy days over sunny days.

-My favorite poets are: Edgar Allan Poe and Shakespeare.
My favorite artists are: Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarotti, Salvador Dali. Diego Velasquez, and Claude Monet.
My favorite composers are: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Antonio Lucio Vivaldi, Johann Sebastian Bach,Ludwig van Beethoven, & George Frideric Handel.

-I prefer instrumentals over songs with lyrics.

- I dislike cockroaches.

-I am very fond of Western culture, though I favor Asian cuisine more since it feels more like home to me.

-I got into the habit of not using contractions. I will work on it.

-It is extremely difficult to make me angry.

-I am extremely thrifty.

-I am less concerned with fashion. I'm not a slacker when it comes to trend, but I wear what is comfortable for me.

- I would prefer if my community worked as a family.

- I could care less about what others think of me. I will walk around in my own little world, doing as I please.

- I am fond of things that are small and fluffy. (Like a harp seal)

- I do appear antisocial, but If I am familiar with you, I tend to be more open.

- I tend to accommodate other people's opinions.

- I like working by myself, rather than in a group.

- I am work-oriented.

-When I am not interested in a conversation, I nod until they stop talking.

-I do not like it when people are oblivious to another's disinterest in a conversation.

I will add more when necessary. Thank you for taking this time to read. (My personality is quite tedious and mundane.)

P.S. I am in-character always, unless you ask me to be out-of-character. Please do not be offended. I do not necessarily mean what I say. If I am being too mean, you can ask me to stop in OOC and I will do so. I am not really that mean. > <;;

Real occupation - Currently a college student. You don't need to know what university because you have the ability to stalk me then and that is quite disturbing. For a job, I am a tennis/Piano/Violin teacher so I could fund my everyday wants. I also do tae kwon do and kendo. So....yes.


One more thing....I have been noticing tons of Ulquiorra cosplays that look like my representation of him. Please don't be a copy cat and try to come up with your own cosplay. It is quite an annoyance that some people prefer to do that rather than design their own. Also, my character introduction is not something you could copy and paste onto your profile. It is plagiarism and I will not tolerate that. Please quit being lazy and paraphrase. Both of those are annoying beyond comprehension.

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Invincible English Chap
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