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My Journalism Workstation!! *sparkle-sparkle*
I'm a person in mid-America with high temper and low tolerance for idiots and a few fangirls, but that's limited to who's on my bus. I'm planning upon making a Manga with my buddy cute kitty317, though we haven't quite started yet.
Top 5 most Ludicrous Products (I.M.O)
Well, to face facts, there have been very, VERY many odd products put on the market. To be honest, they could be very, very useful, but they just come off as...well, who in their rights mind/minds would put this on the market. This top 5 is a dedication to said products. So join me, dear friends, as I count down.
5. The Big Top Cupcake Maker
Before you ask--yes. I love cupcakes. I love cupcakes with all the power within my heart *insert your own Ma Ti from "Captain Planet" joke here*. But I question the advertisement of not only a cupcake maker, but a GIANT cupcake maker. It's pretty impractical; I mean, it's gonna get stale before you're even through with the thing. That's a pretty big waste of food there! And a way to break my heart too, because every time I see an unfinished cupcake laying in the trash, I sob emo

4. The Snuggie
In the possibility that I may receive flak for this one, may I emphasize the IMO *In My Opinion for all who don't know* part in the journal subject title. That being said, I always find the Snuggie sort of a robe rip-off. Trust me! *picks up Snuggie* Take a look, *turns Snuggie backward* See? Now it's a no-belt bathrobe! I'm using sorcery of no kind here! Heck, here's another equation that uses the "phenomenon" that is the Snuggie: "Snuggie = Sweatshirt + Blanket" Leaves your hands out in the open? Maybe. BUT SO DOES THE SNUGGIE.

3. Poop Freeze
Yes, actually. Apparently, about a year or so back somebody actually decided to address the issue of picking up dog droppings while they're still hot. My solution? A tie between no dog or a very large litter box. Theirs? A freeze spray. Poop Freeze is...well, it's just that. You just spray the stuff on and then pick up the poop. While it's a nice idea, there comes up some faults. Two that come to mind: 1] Considering that dogs usually lay a few loads almost each day, how much of that will they have to buy? I mean, at first it'd rake in some bucks (so saying if anyone buys into this), but I think eventually they'd realize that they've payed a lot for this and then stop. Or maybe we're that stupid. 2] Aren't we still picking up A BUNCH OF FROZEN TURDS?

2. Animatronic Chimpanzee Head
All if that was typed correctly. They actually do sell these, and they give off all the ape behavior that some delusional person with a need for a chimpanzee head could ever wish for. That's it...for I have no other comments about it.
But! The number 1 most LUDICROUS Product in my opinion IS...

1. Twilight Edward Cullen Wall Silhouette
It really hurt me type that. I read about this on the web, and I've yet to believe it, but here's a pic!:
So...yeah. I know Twilight fangirling has reached a high at this point. I mean, it might actually be good, and I don't want to bash it because I've never seen it, but given that I'm not only already disturbed by E.C somehow getting into Miss Swan's room, people actually doing this because they want to see it so badly is just...agh...
Well, there's my first actual top 5. I hope you like it, and Happy Holidays.

-Candy Drop Manga Girl
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-Candy Drop Manga Girl
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