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our loves a story
Community Member
Germany: july 14- 26th
Alright... So i'm getting to the point where i don't speak much english anymore.
So of course the main language in Germany is of course deutsch, but every now and then i speak to my grandma in english... Haha its so funny, because i use so much slang that she barley understands me. She'll shout " Christian Ich kann nicht verstehen, eine verdammt wort, das sie sagen! Sprechen sie Ihre zunge für sie sind Deutsch junge!" Which pretty much means shut the hell up and speak your native tongue. (: Lol...

So Kaii, me, roberto, and alexadro and some other guys have been hanging out lately. My friend roberto has been taking me painting with him. Hes amazing, hes gonna be the next picasso i swear! He just laughs at me as i finger paint my p***s shaped trees (: Haha... Surprisingly i haven't really been drinking much. Just this fruit drink called Apfelsaft, which is like apple juice with champagne or whatever in it. Its pretty good (:

Theres like this skate park down where i take pictures in this meadow park thing...
Its really kewl... I've been skate boarding down there alot. I almost broke my arm while grinding a half pipe. Haha silly old me... Ohh then i tried dirt bike riding! Complete FAIL! I have the scratches to prove it. I felt like such a baby because i was like dying of pain.... Damn things are dangerous. D:<

Wieder gut, ich vermisse es hier ... Es saugt das kann ich nicht auf so viel bekommen. Nun liebe euch und miss ya! Hoffe, ich kann hier auf mehr bekommen ... dumme verbindung einfach nicht zu funktionieren scheint. Nun Ich liebe dich jungs! Kontakt bleiben! (:

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