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Lost in Translation

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I'll be editing this journal entry for some time, but feel free to comment and critique my posted works. xP


Delusional Love

I drew my love for you on the peak of a mountain,
but it blew away.
I drew my love for you on the sandy beach shore,
but it washed away.
I drew my love for you with my own flesh and blood,
but the wound ceased to bleed.
I hoped that loving a stone for so long would make it love me,
but the stone was unchanging.



Fear not the author, but the readers
of this most gruesome atrocity.
Dieing f'llwers and living leaders
fall victim to animosity.

Dark blankets 'strewn in joyous billows,
o'ercast above the weeping willows.
Virgin flakes sleeping without a sound;
none to know a scene half so profound.

From the river, given to the lake
flowing, snowing; ceasing in your wake.
The ice conforming about the rim.
The land of dreams from your good night hymn.

You search high and low, and land afar,
reaching into your chest through the scar
sealing a cave where your heart should be,
grasping and pulling to set it free.

Long lost within the land's collection,
enslaved by thoughts of your perfection;
'daisy mutilated by your hand;
death brought back by popular demand.

Snow now substituted by ancient sand.
Your broken thoughts mean 'end' for the land
whose sole purpose was to bring you joy.
'ven children know Peace is not a toy.



The lawn, the one of my home
Peacefully withering away
My hopes

The last star left, as dawn opens her eyes.

My responsibilities
Layering over the dieing turf
The snow

Alone, but not forgot; truth does arise.

Without hesitation; none
Piercing flesh, trained acquiesce
The chill

Tears of light, of which shade can not compare.

Dry and relentlessly cold
Nipping with ‘nine-month appetite
The wind

So pure and true; by living, found unfair.

Clouds across the horizon
A ceiling of gloom, bearing down
The sky

Build a ceiling; build, and learn to forget.

Burning in a heart untamed
Singe the corners to ‘lease the flame
The flaw

But I’ll ‘member D’cember for ‘lifetime yet.


The Skies

The skies above,
Being ever so old
Know stories of love
Without e'er being told.

The skies up there,
Above mountain peak
Have stories to share
If ever they could speak.

The sky, but an eye
Over-seeing all in vain
Having no lips to try
Though, so much to explain

Would one listen to sky
If somehow sky could tell
Of our wrongs--hence imply--
Our turning heaven to hell?

The sky but the eye,
Of which living desire
Though, living wish thy eye
Be blind to life's expire.


The Giver

The dead earth had nothing,
but sun made it bearable to grow.

The river had nothing,
but water enabled it to flow.

The flower had little,
but water flow gave enough to feed.

The lone fish had little,
but fellow fish offered it to breed.

All of nature had much;
seeming to grow with no signs of slow.

Human youth soon had much;
origins of the creature of woe.

The kings of men had all;
introducing, to nature, Man's greed.

The trees of old had all
limbs taken, to see if they would bleed.

Mother Nature lost all.
She acquiesced to her enemy.

'Gnorant Mankind lost all,
now lacking roots for his dynasty.

The sun kept on giving
its sun beams, as if to try again.

The sun kept on giving;
still ignorant to the flaws of men.

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