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The Artist's last poetry on this horrid site.
Donation for a place to Hide
- I remember the day when I first failed the year in school. There was a former friend who told me " YOU WILL NOT PASS ON IN YOUR LIFE IF YOU KEEP THIS UP! " I cannot keep up my life? I CAN NOT? Keep up with my life?



I wounder what will happen if I die today
I wounder what will people say.
Can you support me in my dire need?
Would you pull the plug for my last deed?

It seems I can't find a way out of this mess
I want to care less.
Do you have a donation for a place to hide?
I am no longer taking sides.


Happily fat kids eating away with candy.
Four-hundred men raping a girl name Sandy.
Can't seem to get their lives right quite frankly.

There's only a few ways to mitigate your stress
One is to sleep, masturbate and the others is to travel east or west.
The other is to rape a man up top of the hills
And lastly is to marry your cousin and take a few pills.

Until you choke on them( Probably. )

Women and men
Having sex
Writing their memories in pen.
Their daughters sending text after text.

A biker gang riding in the road with no wheel.
A homeless gay searching a way round' his seal.

A monk proselyted over to madness
His priest and ministers are in dire sadness;
Until they became a Satanist.


I think it is time to step it up a notch.

A successful man; proud at his job.
Suddenly hateful people; it is a mob.
Welcome to the endless march.
Nurses at their best to secure their arch
Welcome to the endless march~

For all the days that pass the nights.
Building up for a sinister sight.

" No more crimes and learned folk "
They say, " Rather be bored and light up, smoke. "

Welcome to the endless march.

Kids playing with rocks at heart.
Follow in their parents; they are their part.

Dear woman dying in a vain.
Clearly all those idiots are defiantly insane.
The radio is moaning to maintain.
There are still a few animals in the yard while it's getting more of a pain.

Anyone have a donation for a place to hide?
I would greatly take a ride;
To the place I want to hide.
Even through the tides.
Skinny or so wide
My friends have all died.
I want a place to hide.
A donated or shoddy place to bide.
I don't wanna' lie.
Not just yet I want to hide.
Give me shelter so I can die.
No wait; I didn't mean that, Sorry guy.

Just ride!
To the tide!
I want to break free from this madness grow
I'll get on the boat and row row row

I want a place to hide!
I want to place to hide!
( When All else fails we can rip the poets eyes
And make him sleep; cry. )
Searching for a place to hide
I can't take sides
I want to ride
Through the tides
To a place to hide!

Off into the abyss I am gone!
The mourners of sadness sing a song

I have left

I have gone.

Thank you for your donation.

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