okay I have another one it isn't that good either but whatever here goes...

I'm sorry,
for taking you for granted,
for getting jealous so easy,
for arguing so much,
for the pain I've caused.

I'm sorry,
for my anger,
for my tears,
for my stupidity,
for my hotheadedness.

I'm sorry,
for not treating you better,
for repeating my mistakes,
for being so cowardly,
for being so selfish.

I'm sorry,
for not showing my love as I should,
for not letting you know how much I love you,
for not fulfilling my promises,
for driving you over the edge.

I need you,
I need to try harder,
I need to show you my love,
I need you to be happy,
I need to keep our love alive.

okay this one isn't good either but whatever