Dear Grandpa,
I heard our song on the radio today... I really miss you.
I hope your having a great time up there in heaven.. Grandma misses you. I really havn't cried in a while; until today. The fact that your gone hasn't sunk in yet.. I'm so glad I got to talk to you and tell you how much you meant to me and how much I love you before you left us...
I remember you weren't responding to anyone.. until I talked to you..
You looked up at me and smiled, hugged me..and told me you loved me..
I can't believe cancer took you away;; .. I ran in relay for life in honor of you.. Everyone cheered when I walked by. It felt good to know I did it for you.
I failed science.. I know you wouldn't be so glad about that, but you wouldn't mind. You told me you'd always love me no matter what I did.
I miss how you always came up to me, hugged me, and whisper that I wwas your favorite granddaughter. Even if you said that to almost all of us..
I remember when you were first diagnosed and you acted as if it didn't matter.. you joked around and showed us all your 'cool' little thingys you had to use and take. I remember when you painted with me and told me my painting was wonderful even though it really did suck. I also remember when you made me watch those horrible movies that you always said were amazing. Even though they were pretty cheesy.. but hey, I survived through them.
I was looking through some old photos... and found a picture of you and me standing on a bed (who knows where), standing like super heroes with our fists in the air. I miss those times.
I wanna learn guitar.. But you know how I am.. To lazy as usual.
I also drew a picture for you... it's a picture of a wolf with angel wings.. I think it might be my best drawing.
Me and grandma finished the garden you started..It looks amazing...
After that, we went out for dinner at your favorite restraunt, dressed in you "famous" hawaiin shirts you always wore. It was a little big on me..But I didn't mind.
Grandpa, I love you so much. And I miss you. I hope it's amazing up in heaven and I hope you love it up there. Don't ever forget me; And I'll see you someday.
Love, Your "favorite granddaughter"...