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My OC's<3 This is mostly just a place to slap my OC's and give good descriptions for artists and whatnot :cute:

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REFS: [♥<-BEST] [♥] [♥] [♥] [good ref]
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Dude, it's totally important that you read everything and follow the refs as closely as possible. Do this and everything will be hunky-dory. Ignore this and i'll stab you in the face with a saudering iron D';
I mean, i even provided you with lots of pretty pictures>.>

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Age: Appears 20, but is actually a few millenia

Species: Somnium Cupio

Skin:She has a light neutral skin color and blushes often

Height: 5'3"

Bust: Nothing too extreme. She's about a B cup.

Build:Petite yet slightly curvy.

Eyes: Her eyes are a beautiful pale green color

Hair: Yamina's hair is an ash brown color and falls in this style

Her hair has short, choppy layers at the top and there are two clumps in the front that reach all the way down to her waist, whereas the back of her hair is only a few inches. Please note that part of her bangs curve into her face like in the refs.

Ears: Her ears are black, long, and floppy, much like that of a bunny but with a little more fur. The insides of her ears are gray
(please don't forget the earrings-two in each ear)

Tail: Her tail is black and bushy, much like a squirrel, including the little curl at the end.

Brief Personality: Pouty, naive, spoiled, perceptive, on-time, philosophical, shy, cynical, likes to play devil's advocate


In depth species:Somnium Cupio (latin for dream wish), she is a breed similar to that of the Japanese creature Baku, or dream eater, except she is a little more complex than that. Yamina has the power to jump into people's dreams and communicate with them there, but she can also manipulate someone's dream to make it the best one they've ever had, or their worst nightmare. While in someone's dream, she can dig into their worst fears and desires. And Yamina also has the power to kill or hurt someone in their dream.

The other part of her name, meaning wish, is that she has the ability to make somebody's most innate desires come true. Whether it be love, wealth, power, etc, she can make it be so. BUT one must say the actual words 'I wish' followed by their desire. This could be similar to a genie without the bottle. But the wishes are not limited. Albeit, only someone powerful enough to know how to tap into her innate ability of wish granting can harness the power for their own. Also, a Somnium Cupio cannot grant their own wishes or another wish of their own species.

In depth Personality: She can be a little bit spoiled, and pouty if she doesn't get her way. But Yamina is always concise and on time, and will get impatient if you make her wait. Because of this, she is always checking the watch around her waist. She can be air-headed and a little more naive than she like to admit at times. The girl is very shy and reserved and quiet, and likes to watch and observe everything and everyone around her rather than jump into a conversation.

The girl is guilty of being a 'people pleaser', meaning she will often do things for you or get you things just to get you to stfu. She's also got a secret pleasure of being a masochist, in the way that she likes pain (although not cut-your-limbs-off-screaming-in-agony-pain) but not many people know about this. Yamina has mixed emotions on her view of people and the world, and takes great pleasure in confusing people with her many mood swings.

On a morality note, Yamina has never used her power of dream-jumping to torture or harm another being, for she finds that unusually sadistic and cruel, but she is not above easily killing someone in an act of self-defense. In fact, despite her adorable looks, she wouldn't think twice about it.

Despite her outward appearances, she is incredibly mature and philosophical, and each thing that she says holds great meaning. Yamina is well aware of her surroundings and can be cynical and paranoid, especially after just watching a scary movie. She is always up for a good conspiracy, and has the imagination of a rampant purple iguana, i.e, she has a good imagination. Yamina tends to use big, flashy words which often irritates most of her not-so-eloquent colleagues.

She has been known to play devil's advocate and take the worse side of a conversation just for the sake of an argument, but only if you happen to catch her in a talkative or irritated mood (and generally Yamina only talks when she is irritated).
Yamina has Agoraphobia - Fear of open spaces or of being in crowded, public places like markets. Fear of leaving a safe place. Fear of crowds.
And Cynophobia-the fear of dogs

♥The colors blue, green and purple
♥Nature and flowers (especially the purple tiger lily)
♥The jungle and the beach/ocean
♥Summer time
♥New-book smell
♥Stuffed animals
♥The quiet
♥The feeling of security
♥Sour foods
♥And, of course, dreams
♥Tea and coffee

ϪObnoxious people
ϪGovernment establishments
ϪOverused, unintelligent phrases or words such as
'oh my god' or 'like'
ϪUgly things
ϪMost technology

†People knowing her better than she knows herself

Background:- - - - [U/C]

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