"Aren't those hard to care for?"
"Not at all."
"But you have to take them out all the time, and people stare because you don't see them very often."
"XD So true"
"You don't find it... hard?"
"Oh yesh"
"But you still keep it with you most of the time?"
"Does it have obedience training?"
"No, it still jumps out at people from time to time."
"Does it come on command?"
"No, it has to be prodded some."
"That must be embarrassing. Along with the fact that it's smaller than others of its kind."
"Really? I thought mine was quite large."
"I've seen bigger in my backyard."
"They're biggest in Africa."
"I know. I've seen pictures on the internet."
"Let's go to Africa and raise some."
"I'm not good at making them come. It wouldn't work very well."
"You can just clean the stables and I'll make them come."
"Oh, I don't want to do that. They're so messy. You're lucky to know them so well"

We were talking about DEER/ANTELOPES.