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Inspecting my Life!!
its basically me just talking about my life thats all!!
What is Normal?
So for my Psychology class we filled out this sheet, so i was just wondering if any of my friends would mind filling this out so that i could see what their thoughts were

Rules: put an (A) if you think the thing is abnormal and an (N) if you think the thing is Normal. and please if you could tell me a reason why you think that the activities are normal or abnormal.

1. Painting bizarre pictures of nonexistent creatures.
2. Having body piercings and tattoos.
3. Lying.
4. Smoking Cigarettes.
5. Intentionally Cutting Yourself.
6. Being physically attracted to members of the same sex.
7. Talking aloud to yourself many times a day.
8. Conversing with unseen beings.
9. Being celibate.
10. Constantly breaking the laws.
11. Eating excessively.
12. Always telling the total truth.
13. Smoking marijuana.
14. Wanting to examine dead bodies.
15. Enjoy watching violence.
16. Hearing voices that have no physical source.
17. Dressing in clothes of the opposite sex.
18. Being very successful in business, but being divorced four times.
19. Being constantly ornery. (PMS'ing)
20. Losing yourself in a pleasant daydream every day.
21. Feeling sad much of the time.
22. Feeling the need to check the locks three times before bed.
23. Fearing that cell phones cause cancer.
24. Desiring to look at nude pictures of the opposite sex.
25. Getting drunk at least once a week.

Thanks in advance if you do!!

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