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Queen Yamatare
Community Member
Finaly letting it out. when I was engaged
When I was 17 my bf randomly txts me asking if I wanted to wear something nice that day or not, it was totally confusing and he wouldn’t tell me why. Latter he picked me up (not really. we were both walking and I went to meet him part way) and gave me twelve red roses. It was the first time I ever got flowers from a guy. It wasn’t any special day and he was acting excited, I had no idea what was going on but I thought it was sweet. He took me to a restaurant, (after going the wrong way for several blocks, even though I said we should have gone the other way) we had a nice dinner, that he barely touched. I felt so weird eating when he was just staring at me, it kind of made me lose my appetite. Then he did the lamest thing ever (though it was kind of cute.) he went down to "tie his shoe" awkwardly scooted forward, and gave me a tinny box. (I think I still have the box) He proposed. And because I was 17 and stupid I said yes, but also because, it was the first time I had been engaged to. I totally couldn’t break his heart in a public restaurant. (and because I liked the idea at the time) A girl I knew from school happened to work there, and brought us some free chocolate cake, she had seen the whole thing. I wish she hadn't. The cake didn’t get eaten either. A few weeks later. (After a $#!^ load of drama, mostly involving his crazy mom. (she’s the one who told him to propose to me and gave him the ring, and made him do what he did latter on) ) he came up to me at work (we worked together. ugg) and asked to see my hand. He then proceeded to (very ungracefully) pull the ring off my finger. He failed, so I took my hand off and easily did it for him and gave him the ring. He then walked away without a word leaving me in the back cleaning the day’s dishes crying my eyes out. But hey, that’s what you get when you say yes when your only 17! Did I mention he was a lot older than me? By nearly four years. Ick ....................... He continued to work "(on and off) at the Cineplex for several years while I finished high school and took my first year of college. The last time I saw him he had messed up hair and the look of a crazy in his eyes. (He was still at the same job, while I was on a date there) I am now in a different city, several years later, doing quite well for myself and taking prerequisites for the university courses I am planning on taking when I am done. I have set my career goals, and am on track with my life. I also have my eye set on a really cute guy in my medieval club, but I still can’t stand to eat at that restaurant. (even in a different town) Hopefully things will turn out better next time.

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