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Tomiko's Journal

Tomiko Neko
Community Member
Forest Fantasy Profile
Name: Chimiko (Means Earth Priestess)
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Race: Neko / Angel (?)
Personality: Chimiko is a quiet individual and prefers to be alone. She rarely talks when spoken to, but will open up at times she feels up to it, and if the person is someone who is in touch with the forest itself.
Appearance: Chimiko is a short girl, only reaching over five foot in height and has a rather thin build. Despite her thin build she is a rather attractive and cute individual with a warm complexion, deep blue eyes and silvery hair, her hair silver in colour due to her age which may be many centuries. The same goes with her fur that lines her feline ears and long tail. Her fur and hair, despite it's age, is every so soft and silky to touch. Chimiko can be seen wearing one of two outfits, her most common outfit is simply tattered cloth wrapped around her. At other times, she can be seen wearing a white and red shrine maiden outfit. Rumours say that she is really an angel fallen from heaven who watches over the current lands.
Weapon: The earth and plant-life itself. She also is proficient with staffs as well as wands which allow her to project energy from the earth in the form of attack spells.
History: Chimiko has been around for as long as she can remember and has seen the rise and fall of a number of empires. She lives by herself in the forest staying as far from any humans as she can and repairing any damage to the forest that the humans and other creatures do to it. Being able to control the earth itself she can manipulate it, and even grow plants and flowers as well as trees by concentrating enough. As well as being able to manipulate the earth, she can also absorb any and all of the ambient heat and redirect it herself to heal injured trees and plant-life, bringing it back to strength.
Special Stuff
Immune to Telepathy - Chimiko's mind is unable to be read no matter how skilled the scry is. She can also detect when someone is attempting to access her mind and will immediately know their location as well as current thoughts. Continued attempts usually end up receiving an attack back which can severely damage the mentality of the attacker.

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