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Rynnie's Poetry and Art Blurbs.
Poetry and Art- I do both. Also clothing lines, and photography.
I'm opening up shop again.
My art shop is re-opening.

I have created a new system for people to choose from. Those who know me know my styles. They've grown into multiple styles.

Realistic Style- Style dealing with intricate details and shades and hues. Human-like.
Example: (Not the best example in the world) [X]

Semi-Realistic- Style slightly less realistic, but still in the correct human anatomy levels. Slightly rounder faces and more idealistic than an actual human being. Details less finite.
Example: [X]

Anime/Manga Style- Style you would typically see in an original manga or anime. I cannot recreate the exact same style, but a mix of body types and facial types. Generic expressions and looks commonly found in drawings across the world.
Examples: [X], [X]

Original Style- My updated own personal style. Some people don't like it, and others love it. I will post examples later on about this style, but it's very quick and easy for me, and different than anyone else's.
Old Example: [X]

As far as the actual picture is concerned now:

Headshots: 800g.
Headshot Colored: 1,300g.
Full Body: 1,800g.
Full Body Colored: 2,300g.
Character with Background: 4,000g.
Character-Background colored: 6,000g.
Additional characters: 1,000g. each.
Additional characters colored: 1,500g. each.

This pricing goes for any style, no matter how detailed.

Bootcamp -shocking-
It was a lot of fun. Everyone got yelled at, and I tried not to laugh in my Petty Officer's face about it. Actually, he wasn't mine, but our sister division's. He hated us. <3


Hahahaha. Anyways, I didn't get to do much while I was there because I got shipped back for reasons I'll not discuss, but while I was there, I got a whole bunch of stuff, and I got to shove it in some people's faces that I was smart. Had I not gotten sent home [medical discharge], I probably would've been an EPO. Educational Petty Officer. I would've loved that. <333

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