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This journal will be to let people know what my days are like, what music plays in my head, who in the world I hate, and my opinions on random garbage that half of the people on Gaia could care less about. :D.
-apathetic stare.-
Hey there, folks. Just thought I'd make another entry again. It's been a little while, after all. I think I've chocked up a bit more new stuff and goings-ons to ramble fruitlessly about.

For those of you who have been keeping up, I have a job at Outback Steakhouse, which is a chain of Australian-themed restaurants throughout the east coast (probably west too, but I've never been). I'm still a busser unfortunately (busser, busboy, you choose which name sounds more demeaning). The exercise is good, and so is the discount on the food, but goddamn it does not pay enough. I've been studying up on a cheat sheet sort of thing for the menu so that I can move up to carry-out, but I'm not really sure how much longer I really want to be working there. It's been a year now, since February first. That's right, I got hired on my birthday. Crazy, yeah?

Anyway, I've been biding my time mostly. I'm working on moving to Borders book store for a change of pace. I went in for an interview once upon a time, but it didn't work out like I'd hoped; there were a few other people rearing for the same job, and I guess someone else was more qualified to give people coffee than me. But like I said, I'm going to try again, and see what happens.

I guess I shouldn't really complain, considering that there are a lot of people in America who don't even have the low-level job I do. For those of you outside the country who haven't heard, we're facing a sort of economic crisis. I'm not very keen on the news, and don't really keep up with stuff like that-- so I can definitely tell you with 100% certainty that I bet it's Bush's fault.

It's really a nice environment. Good food, good company, and all that rot. The idea of handling someone else's food scraps is kinda gross, but you kinda forget about it when you've been there as long as I have. Admittedly, there have been a few bumps along the road... one such by the name of Tyler. I've known quite a few self-important pricks in my life, but he takes the cake hands-down. First day he gets there, he tries to overhaul the bussing system because he thinks it'll make it better; some intricate way of every other row of tables heading for each busser or... something. And on halloween, I kid you not, he came in in a dress, lip-gloss and all. I've seen him outside of work uniform a couple times, and I can tell you that he dresses... eccentrically. But a dress? Without a reason? While bussing tables and working, of all places? And to boot, almost every time I tried to share some conversation with him, he went on some kind of rut that strewn further and further from the subject at hand just so he could subtly call me an idiot. I don't condone violence, but I was reeeeally close to punching him in the nose. Thankfully, he left after about two months, due to us not getting paid enough. Forget that he barely did any work anyway.

Anyway, that's not important. What's important is that my 21st birthday was a brief time ago. Superbowl Sunday of all days. It didn't start off too well, since all my fmaily got called to work (except my old man who thought it would be a great present to stay in bed all day and not even wish me a happy birthday). I was really expecting him to fulfill the ancient male ritual of going out for your first beer with your dad, but mine yet again failed as a parent-- I won't go on a tangent about it this time, but that was about the last straw.

So I had to take the lesser route, and go for wine with my mother. I've had wine before, mind you, but I'd never gotten drunk off of it (I only usually had a teeny-tiny glass or two at a time). In this instance, we went up to the restaurant to get some cheap food and enjoy the Superbowl on the big-a** TV. So we ended up sharing half the bottle of some kind of red wine (I don't clearly remember what the name was). Like I said, up 'til then, it was a pretty crappy birthday. So then all my workfriends come out of nowhere behind me, and start singing the birthday song to me and gave me a sundae. It was pretty emotional for me, so I had to do my best not to cry about it-- didn't work. Mind you, they don't sing at the restaurant when other people have birthdays, so it made me feel special.

So after some of those drinks and a little food, we ventured back home where there was cake and a brand new sake set waiting for me (I got a big bottle of sake for christmas and didn't have those little cups to enjoy it in). My best friend and his girlfriend also showed up, and we played around for a bit while I was still in a drunken daze. So I went to bed fat and happy at the end of the night, and it ended up being one of the best birthdays ever for me. I know it doesn't really sound like much, but trust me.

So I'm 21 now, legally able to drink, and am still for some reason on Gaia. I've had tequila, three different kinds of red wine, a Mojito, and a White Russian so far. So far, the Mojito has the best flavor (hurhur its a gay drink-- FAMILY GUY IS NOT FUNNY, STFU).

And speaking of Gaia, it sure does suck nowadays. I think I'm only really still here to provide myself with an outlet for RP. If I didn't have the site, I'd probably end up just writing fanfictions and such. At least this way I can interact with people... sort of. I've surmounted some pretty good friends along the way, and I hope they know how much I appreciate them (especially after reading such long journal entries all the time XD). But I digress. The evolving items are kinda cool and all, but for a time, they killed the economy by making all the collectible items and such deflate. What really churns my butter, however, is that Gaia is making allll this money, and there are soooo many problems still. Mainly in Towns and the related sponsored worlds, where all the kiddies are either being degenerative little bastards or are hacking the program to annoy the piss out of everyone else. And now they've got patches running to stand against that sort of thing. AND ITS MAKING TOWNS LAG LIKE djdidnjhdfdkl. It's rather retarded when you make a million a week easy. I hope you're fat and happy, Lanzer, you lazy b*****d.

Oh yeah, did I mention my one-month celibacy since my birthday? It was sort of a new-years resolution at first to just stop so much (I masturbate a lot by normal standards), but quickly evolved to a test of my willpower to not do anything sexual for one whole month. The month's almost up now, but it's getting increasingly tempting to... yeah. Blueballs. Ouch.

So anyway. Obsessions. I love it. I've been playing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, again. For those of you who don't know, it's a pretty darn cool medieval fantasy game. It's offline, but has a stat-system like any other MMO. Aside from being incredibly immersive, it's a very pretty game if your computer can run the appropriate graphics required (it's a very demanding game, and my computer can only run it on -almost- full graphics)-- I'd wager that a standard computer could run it on lowest graphics... BARELY. The best part about the game, however, is that you can mod the hell out of it. There's whole sites devoted to storing piles and piles of user-made armors, weapons, quests, character races, and all sorts of crazy stuff. That makes the experience much more fun, considering after all that the game isn't perfect. Modding just makes it pretty darn close.

Well, I think we're about up to speed again now. I'll stop in again later on to shower you all with more goodies in the times to come. <3.

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