Hey, All Ouran Roleplayers!

My OOC's name is Hikari Ootori. Yes, she's Kyoya's younger sister. Just because he's so cool. And because it shapes her personality significantly. She looks like this : http://media.photobucket.com/image/white%20hair%20girl%20anime/MiseryLovesCompany13/anime/41.jpg?o=33

I really, really, REALLY don't want her to be paired up with anyone. It would be cool if she was, though. My original plan for her was to fall in love with someone from a library she works at. razz Imma develope his Character later.

Basic Outline of Her Personality:
She doesn't like being treated any higher or lower than others.
Or being yelled at.
She's very shy--she doesn't like attention that much. SHe doesn't really know if it's a good kind of attention, but either way, it just makes her wanna hide.
She likes hugs--just not surprising hugs, like wheen Honey jumps on Haruhi.
She's uncoordinated, which makes it worse for her shyness.
She won't really tell you if you do something that offends her or upsets her, she's got trust issues.